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LotR Fae
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This is an AU LotR RPG. The setting is modern day. Faeries are real. Not pint sized garden faeries of legend. They walk among us. They look just like us except for their luminous eyes. Magic, beautiful, immortal... A war has waged between the good High Fae and the evil Dark Fae for centuries. Once they lived in peace as one kingdom on the Isle of Faerie, a hidden island off the coast of England, sheltered and protected by magic. However when Viggo the Fae King took a human as his bride a number of fae were outraged and revolted. For King Viggo's wedding gift to his bride was the gift of immortality. The opposing fae saw this as an abomination. The rebel fae were exiled from the Fae Court. They formed a separate and opposing kingdom, The Dark Court. Led by Cate, Queen of the Dark Court, the Dark Fae have vowed to destroy King Viggo and the High Court. They eventually succeeded in assassinating Queen Titania, but not before she bore a child, a son named Elijah. Never before had a human and fae bred offspring. It was soon learned that Half-Breed's have the power to kill immortals. This power was soon harnessed by Cate and she began to breed an elite group of warriors, Half-Breed warriors. Years later, the Dark Fae returned and drove the High Fae out of the Isle of Faerie. Many fae were killed in this battle including the Fae Elders, the original fae, the most powerful. Only Viggo and Cate remain of the Fae Elders. The High Fae fled in despair and grief. They formed a secret island in the Atlantic Ocean and they named this island Wyndmere. It is secluded and protected from the mortal world. The Dark Fae have no knowledge of the island's location. So the war rages on...

High Fae...
king_viggo. Viggo, King of the High Court.
enchanted_fae. Elijah, son of Viggo and Prince of the High Court.
kings_advisor. Billy, Advisor to King Viggo.
seeker_orlando. Orlando, Agent of the High Court.

Dark Fae...
darkqueencate. Cate, Queen of the Dark Court.
rogue_fae. Liv, daughter of Cate, a rogue fae.
darkfae_karl. Karl, Agent of the Dark Court.

mortal_miranda. Miranda Otto, a human, Liv's best friend.
high_guardian. Dominic Monaghan, Miranda's half brother.

Minor Characters...
Sean Bean, Half-Breed Assassin for the Dark Court.
Ian McKellen, a human who owns the McKellen Art Gallery, Miranda's father and Liv's employer.
Harry Sinclair, a human, Ian's life partner and a doctor with his own private practice.

Disclaimer: This is an RPG strictly for entertainment purposes. We do not claim to know or be these people. Currently all characters are taken. There are no plans to add any additional characters anytime soon.