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LotR Fae

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darkfae_karl @ 02:00 am: Karl/Liv/Orlando

Karl: *My mind is still whirling when I arrive at the apartment with the bottle of tonic in hand. I absently unlock the door and let myself in, completely lost in my own thoughts. It isn't until I reach the kitchen and set the bottle down that I snap back to reality and wonder where Liv is. I am going to have to talk to her about this and see if we can't get Miranda some help. I don't see her in the areas of the apartment visible to me so I call out to her as I open the fridge and grab a bottle of water.* "Liv? I'm home."

Liv: *My ears catch the sounds of Karl returning even in the bedroom. A smile tugs at the corners of my mouth. When I hear him call out for me, I answer.* "In the bedroom." *I am sitting on the edge of the bed. Orlando and I have been chatting. I've been taking advantage of his amiable mood. Orlando is sitting propped up against the wall with a pillow behind him.*

Orlando: *I cannot help but roll my eyes in annoyance when I hear Karl. Just when I was beginning to enjoy myself.*

Karl: *A rush of happiness floods through me at the sound of Liv's voice. I am inexplicably in a good mood. Though the fact that the most beautiful creature in the world is mine might have something to do with it. I can't help but smile as I walk into the bedroom and lean down to kiss Liv quickly in greeting.* "Hello, love. You been having a nice chat while I was gone?" *I flick my eyes toward Orlando* "Good to see you back from the dead." *I try to keep my voice light as I address Liv again.* "I managed to get the tonic. It's on the kitchen counter."

Orlando: *I try to keep my face neutral as Karl enters and acknowledges me although I am surprised that he didn't insult me or try to rip my throat out.*

Liv: "Ah! Good! I'll go get some now." *I touch Orlando's hand lightly.* "I'll be right back." *I rise and leave to go get the tonic.*

Orlando: *I watch Liv leave a bit anxiously. Will the real Karl emerge now that his lady love has left the room? I eye Karl suspiciously but try to keep my expression neutral.*

Karl: *I look down at Orlando as Liv leaves the room with a half smirk on my face.* "So, we meet again. Are you going to move so I can sit on the bed or make me stand here all day in my own home?" *I'm mildly surprised that I feel very little animosity for the guy. I mean, I don't love him or anything but there are far too many more important things going on right now to hate him. Doesn't mean I can't antagonize him every now and then though. I move towards the bed waiting for Orlando to move his legs before I have to forcibly move them.*

Orlando: *I grudgingly move over a bit, and with much difficulty I might add, in order to make room for Karl. It's not like I was nearly killed a few days ago or anything.*

Karl: *I am well aware of the grimace that graced Orlando's face as he slowly moved over. However I can't seem to feel all that bad about it. I plop down on the side of the bed near the end and wait for Liv to return.*

Liv: *I come back with a small glass filled with the spring water. I'm surprised to see Karl settling himself onto the edge of the bed.* "Comfortable, love?"

Karl:*I look up with a grin when Liv enters the room offering my hand and taking hers with a squeeze before letting go so she can administer the medication to the patient.* "Quite. I always did like to have ring side seating."

Liv: "Here. Drink this. It will help you heal." *I hand it to Orlando.*

Orlando: *Looking uncertain.* "What is it?"

Liv: "It's spring water from the Isle of Faerie. It has healing properties. It should help your wound."

Orlando: *I sniff the liquid cautiously then hesitantly take a sip. It tastes like regular water to me. I do vaguely remember tales of a healing spring on the isle though. What the heck. I drink the rest of the liquid like a shot. A bit too fast though and I cough.*

Liv: *I rub Orlando's back lightly as he chokes.* "It's not poison, Orlando. If I wanted you dead you would be dead already."

Orlando: *Still coughing.* "That's very comforting."

Karl: *I chuckle, though it almost borders on a cackle, very much enjoying the show.*

Liv: *I shoot Karl a look that says "be nice" and set the empty glass on the night table.* "Did you see Miranda?"

Karl: *I mock pout at Liv when she shoots me the look, but my expression sobers when she asks me about Miranda.* "Actually, yes I did. I wanted to talk to you about it. Things are bad, Liv." *I reach over to where you are crouching beside the bed and take your hand lovingly rubbing your skin with my thumb.* "Dominic was there thankfully but Miranda is spiraling down into a deep depression and I fear for her sanity and her safety. She's sick and she needs help, love. Her thought process has been skewed and I think that is why she turned on you. Dominic is willing to help us and he is a more valuable asset than you know. But I think we need to get Harry over there to give her something. And well, because I know you have a rapport with him after the whole emergency stabbing thing..." *I idly gesture towards Orlando without taking my eyes off you.* "I thought maybe you could ask him."

Orlando: *I'm slightly annoyed.* "The whole emergency stabbing thing? You make it sound as if it was a pest control problem."

Liv: *Now I give Orlando a look full of warning.* "Well, how is she acting? Do you think she might try to harm herself?"

Karl: *I turn to Orlando and give him a cheeky grin* "Well, if the shoe fits..." *Liv's voice tone catches my attention again and I turn back to her.* "I think that is a distinct possibility. Yes. She was distraught and inconsolable. Her pity party is in full swing but I can also see a darkness clouding in around her. She is drowning in the sea of hopelessness."

Liv: *My eyes cloud over with sadness. I would do anything to spare Miranda pain, but how can I help her if she won't let me? Unexpectedly, I look to Orlando.* "What do you think?"

Orlando: "What?"

Liv: "You observed her for weeks. Do you have any thoughts on this?"

Orlando: *I take a deep breath.* "She's not a well person. She's not whole. She looked to you to complete her for whatever reason. I think perhaps Karl is right. She should be medicated. I sense a deep and profound sadness in her. She's lost. And if she thinks she's lost you then she won't see any reason to carry on."

Liv: *My eyes flood with tears. I breathe deeply and bow my head, resting my forehead against the edge of the mattress as I crouch there.* "I will call Harry. I don't know what else I can do. There is no fae magic to heal a broken heart. I only wanted to help her, but I've ended up destroying her."

Karl: *My heart goes out to Liv and I slide off the bed onto my knees and take her into my arms lying my head on top of hers.* "The kid is right, Liv. She is lost and she thought she needed you to be whole. It wasn't healthy and she needs a doctor's care. You didn't know, love, you didn't know. We will get her help. It will just take some time. You call Harry and get her some medication and I will call Dominic to let him know help is on the way. There is something you should know about Dominic. When we were talking he spoke to me telepathically. He didn't even know it, but he has the power. He also has a strong sixth sense for a mortal. I have never met anyone like him before. It's like he just knows. He knows about us somehow and is willing to help. I think he is genuinely a great bloke and is very accepting. We need him on our side."

Orlando: *I interrupt without meaning to.* "He knows you're fae?" *I'm fairly alarmed here. Mortals tend to react badly when they discover the existence of fae.*

Liv: "But how? How does he know?"

Karl: *I ignore Orlando and answer Liv.* "I don't know actually. I never asked him. The acceptance and knowledge was just there so naturally that I didn't even think it to be odd until afterwards. Like I said he just knows certain things without asking. It is all very strange and unusual coming from a mortal. But then again I'm sure Miranda told him something. We don't have anything to fear from him of that I'm sure. How much he knows will be a mystery until we have a chance to speak to him further."

Liv: *I bury my face in his shoulder.* "Whatever you think, love."

Orlando: "Must I be the voice of reason here? Just what exactly do we know about this Dominic? He could be working for the Dark Court, you know. It's not unheard of for the Dark Queen to use mortals for information and darker purposes."

Karl: *I can't help but laugh at Orlando more from disbelief then anything else. What the hell is happening? I think I've entered the twilight zone. I look over at him with my eyebrows knitted together and a half amused half dumbstruck expression.* "What the hell do you think you're doing? You move on in and take the place over. How about you concentrate on doing something useful to us, healing, and we will concentrate on taking care of our business. I appreciate the fact that you are concerned for homeland security but I have this covered thank. you. very. much. Unless of course you would like us to bring him over so that you can approve, oh mighty seeker." *I shake my head still wearing the half smile of disbelief and amusement and begin to stroke Liv's hair.* "It's going to be okay, baby. We'll get through this together." *I'm thinking over what I just said and I'm struck with an idea.* "Maybe while Harry is there we can invite Dominic over for dinner, Liv. I'm sure he needs a break and that way we can get a chance to have some time to check him out and find out what he knows."

Orlando: *I sulk over the fact that no one seems to be taking me seriously, but say nothing.*

Liv: *I stand and Karl follows my cue.* "That sounds like a good idea. Let's leave and let Mr. Cranky get some rest." *Orlando shoots me a sullen look, but I merely smile and walk out of the bedroom with Karl in tow.*

Karl: *I snicker as we leave the room and give Orlando a shit-eating grin over my shoulder. It's the kind of look you give the other kids when you know you're the teachers pet.* "Sleep well little birdie." *I smile tenderly at Liv and follow her into the living room after I close the door behind us playing up the part of the good pupil to the max. I don't let on that for some reason Orlando is more like the little kid next door that you teased but secretly thought was kind of ok. You know except for the trying to kill me part. Which really he was only doing his job. Can't trust him but doesn't mean I have to torture myself by hating him. It seems a pointless practice now. I continue to mull the thought over in my mind as I follow Liv into the living room.*

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