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LotR Fae

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rogue_fae @ 05:08 am: Liv/Karl/Orlando

Liv: *Sunday morning. Karl and I have had a leisurely morning. We slept in. I made him breakfast. He sits at the kitchen counter, propped up on a barstool, eating the last little tidbits of the meal. I'm still in my long, black cotton nightgown. I lean on the other side of the counter and watch him with a smile. My lover.* "My goodness, you can sure pack it away. It's a good thing you're immortal or you'd probably die from high cholesterol."

Karl: *I snort at Liv's comment about my eating habits as I shove the last bit of breakfast in my mouth and chew vigorously.* "I'm a growing fae. I need my strength to keep up with you." *I flash you a teasing grin as I get up to take my plate to the sink to rinse it out.* "So what are your plans for the rest of the day, my love?"

Liv: "Oh, nothing really. I thought I'd let Orlando have his one phone call today." *I say this nonchalantly, but I avoid his eyes and hold my breath waiting for his reaction.*

Karl: *I notice Liv's body language and can't help but wonder what that's all about.* "You sure are putting a lot of trust in him. But whatever you think is best, honey. Is there anything you need me to do to help out?" *I can't believe I'm whoring myself out to Orlando's aid. I'm far too nice sometimes.*

Liv: *Ah, good. That was quick and painless. I never know how Karl will react where Orlando is concerned.* "As a matter of fact, I was wondering if you would do me a favor." *I approach him and slip my arms around his waist.* "Could you go over to Miranda's and get that bottle of spring water? I gave it to her to give to you when you were injured. It would help Orlando heal faster. Hence we could be rid of him sooner and then it would just be the two of us." *I nuzzle my lips against the bottom of his chin.* "Please, baby?"

Karl: *My face contorts into a mask of disgust at the mention of Miranda's name.* "I'd rather have to serve Orlando's every whim as he gets well rather then deal with her right now. At least I can respect him." *I sigh as you nudge and nuzzle my chin, the utter cuteness of your actions melting any further protests from my mind.* "Okay, baby. I will do this for you but only because I'd rather walk across hot coals then have you be hurt by her again. Matter of fact, I hope she gives me a reason to lend her a piece of my mind." *I shut up before my temper flares out of control. Taking a deep breath, I push back my anger regaining my focus and a sense of calm.* "So why don't you attend to this phone call deal while I fetch the healing potion for Orlando. Should I call first to announce myself or should I just pop on over for a surprise visit? Hmm. I think a surprise visit is in order." *I lean down and claim your mouth pulling you against my body so that you have to stretch a little in effect molding yourself against me.*

Liv: *It's amazing how quickly my body responds to him. I melt in his arms and grasp him tightly for support. I'm ready to remain locked in that embrace forever, but I sense Orlando stirring in the bedroom. I still need to bring him some breakfast and Karl has to get to Miranda's. Miranda. As I think of her, I pull my mouth away from his and bury my face in his shirt. It hurts me to think about her. I blink back tears. Rejection. She's rejected me. I pull away from him and turn to the sink. I turn on the faucet and prepare to start washing the dishes.* "You'd probably better go soon."

Karl: *I can feel Liv melting into the kiss but just as quickly she tenses up and pulls away. I'm going to kill Miranda, stupid bint. I watch her move over to the sink and I know she's trying to hide her pain. I walk up behind her and wrap my arms around her resting my head on her shoulder.* "Liv, you have to know that you didn't deserve any of that. She is losing so much if she gives you up. But it's not over yet, not really. The future is still open, the chapter has not been written yet, there is always a chance for the future. You both have to decide how much it means to you." *I kiss her once on her temple and disengage myself from her heading for the door.* "I'll be right back. I think Orlando needs you now." *I pause before stepping out the door. My back is still towards her but the words are instinctual and my tongue forms the sounds before I even have a chance to think about it. It just feels right.* "I love you."

Liv: *At his words, I turn and rush after him. Why on earth did I even bother trying to hide my pain from him?* "Wait." *I call after him. I meet him just outside the doorway and cast myself into his arms. I hold him for a brief moment and then pull back and gaze deep into his eyes.* "I love you too."

Karl: *I am touched by Liv's actions and the sappy smile on my face must show it. I smooth my hand over her hair and pull her toward me placing a soft kiss on her forehead.* "No matter what it'll always be you and me, kiddo." *I turn on my heels and head for the staircase.*

Liv: *I watch him leave. Why do I need him so much? I've always prided myself on my strength. Now I feel so weak. He's only going to Miranda's. He'll be back within the hour. It's stupid to be missing him this much when he has only just left. I'm disconcerted by this whole thought process. Where is my icy exterior that protects me so well? It's melted and my soft flesh is exposed. It's too easy for me to get hurt this way. I have to compose myself. I have to go in to see Orlando now. I make up a tray full of warm food absentmindedly. Despite my best efforts, I cannot dispell my melancholy entirely. I knock gently on the bedroom door and poke my head in. Orlando opens his eyes drowsily.* "Ah. Good. You're awake. You must be starving." *I feel a bit awkward as I enter with the tray. Yesterday in the heat of passion... Well, Orlando must have known what Karl and I were doing. How embarrassing. What he must think of me. I feel a blush creeping up my throat.*

Orlando: *I manage to sit up as she approaches. She seems different today. Yesterday she was as tough as nails, but today she seems ... sad. I try not to notice the way her cotton night gown clings to her curves as she moves.*

Liv: *I put another pillow behind his back for comfort.* "How are you feeling today?" *I can't seem to look him in the eye.*

Orlando: "Fine. And you?"

Liv: *I look at him. He seems genuinely interested. I wish he were this cooperative all the time. I manage a weak smile.* "Good. Thank you." *I set the tray in his lap.*

Orlando: "This looks delicious. Thank you." *I'm famished. I drink the entire glass of orange juice. Spearing a sausage link with my fork, I practically inhale it.*

Liv: *I laugh as I watch him eat.* "My goodness! You're almost as big a pig as Karl."

Orlando: *I toss her a quick half smile and then go to work on the pancakes.* "Damn, this is good. I usually don't get home cooked meals like this when I'm out in the field."

Liv: "What do you eat usually?"

Orlando: "Whatever is portable and can keep for long periods of time."

Liv: "Very practical, but males need more sustenance than that I find."

Orlando: *I'm too busy enjoying her cooking to answer. If she feeds me like this every day I think I'll be able to put up with being in the same apartment as Karl.*

Liv: *I'm surprised by how agreeable he is today. I rise and go to open the curtains. Behind me, Orlando grunts in protest at the bright light. I chuckle and look out at the city outside.*

Orlando: *In between bites.* "How is your friend? Miranda?"

Liv: *I turn to him calmly.* "She's not my friend anymore."

Orlando: *Looking confused.* "But you two were so close. What happened?"

Liv: *I slowly walk back over to him and sit beside him on the bed.* "It's a long story."

Orlando: "I've got nothing but time on my hands."

Liv: *I wonder how much I should tell him.* "Miranda discovered my secret. She knows that I am immortal."

Orlando: *With my mouth full.* "Why should that make a difference?"

Liv: *Yes, why should it make a difference? I sure as hell don't understand her reaction. I sigh deeply.* "I don't know. We had an argument about it. She's very angry. I'm not sure why."

Orlando: *Shrugs.* "Ah, she's probably jealous."

Liv: "Why jealous?"

Orlando: *I roll my eyes.* "Because she's in love with you, Liv." * I raise my glass at her; a not so subtle hint that I'd like more orange juice.*

Liv: *With a skeptical look.* "In love with me?" *I take his glass and go out to the kitchen and refill it. When I bring it back to him, he drinks half of it in a few gulps.*

Orlando: "Why do you seem surprised? Even I can tell that she is in love with you."

Liv: "Orlando, she's not in love with me. Miranda is not inclined towards women."

Orlando: *I snort with laughter.* "Like that makes a difference!" *I stuff a big bite of pancake in my mouth and chew.* "Besides, you do have a rather seductive charm about you. I don't know why you seem oblivious to that fact. Wherever you go, people are drawn to you."

Liv: "So it is with all fae. Mortals are always drawn to us."

Orlando: "No, Liv. That's not true. Not the way people are drawn to you. There's something special about you. You captured my heart after all ... a second before you ran your sword through it."

Liv: *I laugh at his frankness.* "Well, you were asking for it."

Orlando: *Making a sarcastic face.* "Yeah, right."

Liv: "I'm changing the subject now. Who are you going to call?"

Orlando: "David, my contact."

Liv: "What will you tell him?"

Orlando: "That I'm being held hostage by a beautiful fae whose sadomasochistic boyfriend is plotting against me." *There is a humorous edge in my voice.*

Liv: *Laughing.* "Don't be silly. He's not plotting against you."

Orlando: *I wipe my mouth on a napkin and smile.* "I'll just tell him that I'm still on the trail of my mark. Buy myself some time."

Liv: "Will you tell him that you're here in Hamlet?"

Orlando: "I must let him know what city I'm in. I will not betray you, Liv. If that's what you're thinking."

Liv: "I trust you." *I go into the other room and get the cordless phone. I bring it back to him.* "Very well."

Orlando: *I dial the number of my contact. The phone rings once and then it picks up on the other end. I know he will not speak first.* "Orlando here."

David: "Orlando. How are things?"

Orlando: "Well, thank you. I'm still on the trail. My current position is Hamlet, Illinois."

David: "Very good. I will report this. Be well."

Orlando: "And you." *I hang up.*

Liv: *I take the phone as he hands it to me.* "That's it?"

Orlando: "We are fae of action, not words."

Liv: "Uh huh." *Since he's finished eating, I gather everything and prepare to take the tray away.*

Orlando: *I call out to her as she leaves.* "What's for lunch?"

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