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enchanted_fae @ 04:19 am: Elijah/Karl/Liv

OOC: Takes place two days after THIS.

Elijah: *The air is crisp and clean this afternoon. I'm out on the balcony watching the hustle and bustle with extreme interest. Soon I shall be part of it all. Today is the first time I'll be leaving the apartment to mix in mortal society. Karl is taking me shopping for mortal clothes. Liv wanted to take me, but Karl thought perhaps another male would be more suited for this kind of errand. I'm a bit nervous to be around Karl alone. I'm not afraid of him or anything. It's just that he's so much bigger than me and is very strong-willed. I guess I'm in awe of him a bit.*

Liv: *I lean on the frame of the balcony doors.* "Elijah, are you ready to go?"

Elijah: *I turn and smile when I hear Liv's voice. I always smile when Liv is around. I can see why Orlando is so taken with her. In fact, everyone I've seen around her seems drawn to her. I step closer to her.* "Yes, I'm ready. I'm a bit nervous."

Liv: *I'm a bit nervous as well. I'm nervous to let him out of my sight. I want to protect him and shelter him from the harsh world. Something about him brings out my maternal instinct in spades. I really wanted to go with Elijah on his first outing into the city, but Karl insisted that I stay home. I think he senses the potential in me to smother Elijah just as his father did. As much as I hate to admit it, I think he's right. It's crazy to be so protective of someone I just met two days earlier. Isn't it? Something about Elijah is different and it draws me to him. Everyone I've seen around Elijah seems enchanted by him. I hang a warm scarf around his neck and wrap it around once.* "It's chilly out here, love. You can wear one of Karl's jackets for now. It's a bit big. You can buy a jacket of your own today." *I help him slip into Karl's large brown suede jacket with wool lining.* "Don't be nervous, Elijah. Karl will be with you. He'll be by your side the whole time." *My hand strokes his hair without even thinking twice about it. My eyes smile into his.*

Karl: * I spot Liv with the kid outside on the balcony and make my way over. Slipping up behind Liv, I wrap my arms around her waist and rest my chin on her shoulder so I can see past her.* "Just about ready there?" *I smile at Elijah warmly as I take in the domestic scene in front of me. There is just something about him that taps into Liv's need to take care of others. And I have to admit there is something about him that makes you feel the need to shelter him. However he is bent and bruised, but not broken. He's a tough chap just from his blood lines alone and I have to keep that in mind. He needs guidance not orders. I think he will do just fine. I can see him charming all the ladies, thinking back to the other night with Dominic, or gentlemen. Anyway he is a beauty among fae and that's saying something. It looks like Liv is almost ready to let him go so I turn around and head toward the door turning back halfway there to wait on them.*

Liv: *Elijah and I follow Karl to the front door.* "Karl, you will get everything on the list, won't you?"

Karl: "List? What list?" *Is that what she was talking about earlier in the morning? Perhaps I might have zoned out after a while. Oops. I try to look innocent but end up looking chagrined and most definitely guilty.*

Liv: *I sigh deeply.* "This is why I should go with you." *With a sarcastic sweetness in my voice.* "But I just happen to have it all written down for you. Aren't you lucky? Everything on the list is essential." *I look deep into his hazel eyes.* "Karl? Are you listening to me?"

Karl: *I take the list from Liv and look it over. I shake my head at the detailed set of instructions. For goodness sake, she has the size and brand names written down too. Why do I all of a sudden feel like a teenager again?* "Yeah essential, list, written down, got it." *I poke Elijah lightly in the ribs and lean over to stage whisper in his ear.* "You get all of that?" *I stand back up and look at Liv with a cheeky grin.* "We'll be fine, honey. I've been alive this long, I know what I'm doing. It's not like I've never been shopping before."

Liv: *I smile at him slyly. I have one more card to play in this battle of wills. I speak now directly into Karl's mind so that only he can hear me.* "Because if you don't get everything on the list then your little boy doesn't get to come out to play tonight. Understood?"

Karl: *I lose it and snort out loud choking on the laughter.* "Okay, okay, no need to threaten me. I promise I'll be on my best behavior." * I look at Elijah and wink* "We best be going before Liv changes her mind."

Liv: *I smile innocently as they leave.* "Goodbye. Have a nice time, boys." *I watch as they walk down the stairs and disappear. Elijah will be okay with Karl. They'll be fine, Liv. Just chill the hell out. I hear Orlando waking up from his nap so I go back inside to check on him.*

Elijah: "What was that all about?" *I inquire about the odd silence between he and Liv before we left.*

Karl: *I chuckle at Elijah's inquisitivness.* "Oh nothing. Liv was just making sure I take good care of you. So what do you want to go get first?" *I hand the list to you so you can scan over the items we have to get.*

Elijah: *I look over the list written in Liv's elegant script, but I'm at a loss. I have no idea where to start. Then I get an idea.* "Well, what about a jacket? Liv said I need one of those."

Karl: "Ahh good idea!" *I turn us towards the direction of the local mall. There will have to be something in there. It's three levels and thankfully not too long of a walk.* "So tell me, what do you think of everything that's happened since you left? It must be quite a bit to take in."

Elijah: *As we walk, we turn onto bigger, more crowded street. I'm suddenly overwhelmed by the presence of mortals, too many to count. I stop walking for a moment and will myself to block out the psychic noise around me.*

Karl: *I notice Elijah stiffen up then stop walking all together. Ah shit. I forgot how overwhelming it is the first time. I mentally kick myself for not seeing this coming. I pull him over to the side of a building and away from the throng of people. Maybe speaking to him in his mind, the old way of communicating, will help him feel more comfortable and be able to focus.* "Hey, I'm sorry. I forgot how hard it is the first time out. Mortals throw off thoughts and emotions with abandon. They have no concept of psychic empaths." *I switch back to vocal expression before anyone can get suspicious.* "Hey you gonna be all right?"

Elijah: *I close my eyes tightly and try to summon the strength from within myself. Slowly, it becomes bearable again and I open my eyes cautiously. I feel the psychic wall solidify in my mind.* "There. It just takes some getting used to." *I smile at him and blush. How embarrassing.* "Thanks. I'm okay now."

Karl: *Whew! I am quite relieved when I see him snap back. Like I said, tough little blighter, he is.* "No worries, grasshopper. Stick with me and we'll get you used to this life in no time." *I turn and start walking again toward our destination this time trying to go around the clusters of people instead of going through them.

Elijah: *I follow Karl and try not to look into the faces of the mortals around me.* "To answer your question, I'm a bit overwhelmed by all this. I'm excited at this whole new world around me, but it's all so new and frightening. I'm so glad that I found other fae to help me through this. If not for the prospect of finding Orlando, I don't think I would've had the courage to leave Wyndmere. Not unless Billy came with me..." *I cut myself off abruptly as I suddenly remember that Karl doesn't know about Billy. Karl doesn't even know that I prefer males. He's such a masculine, strapping fellow. I wonder how he would take the news.*

Karl: "I can imagine. My journey's have been under different circumstances then yours but I certainly know how it feels to be out here for the first time. It takes a lot of courage to do what you did. Seems fate has brought us all together here. As odd as it seems we are all alike in many ways even though we're from different houses." </i>* I pause for a moment wondering if I should ask the question that is burning in my mind. My curiosity as usual gets the best of me and I continue on.*</i> "Who is this Billy fellow? Sounds like you were close."

Elijah: *I feel a slow flush creeping up my neck and I look at the sidewalk in front of me as I walk.* "Billy is my father's advisor, but more than that he is my friend. Besides Orlando, he is the only real friend I had back home. Orlando is away a lot because of his duties so Billy is the only person I really had to turn to." *I won't shed tears for Billy now. I won't let myself think of him now. Think of something else, Elijah. I bury myself deeper into the oversized jacket I'm wearing which is already swallowing me whole.*

Karl: *I can feel the sadness well up from Elijah and I decide I won't push him for any further information.* "I'm sure he was a great friend."

Elijah: *I venture to look at a few of the mortals that we pass on the street. After doing this a few times, it becomes fascinating. I find that I can hear their thoughts if I concentrate hard enough. Amazing. I wonder why I couldn't hear Dominic's thoughts the other night. Oh that's right. He's a telepath as well.* "How did you meet Liv?"

Karl: *I instinctively switch to telepathy when speaking of fae matters.* "Don't want any mortals to hear us. I was sent to watch over her when she ran away from her mother and the Isle of Fae. For the last hundred or so years I have been chasing her from one location to the next. All that time she thought I was trying to kidnap her and she saw me as the enemy. So I couldn't really get near her which was fine with me. I was just there to keep an eye out plus the game of hide and seek made it exciting. But eventually I guess I got tired of chasing and she was tired of running. This time I confronted her and persuaded her to go back and face her mother. Every since then we have both been living as rogue fae. It's only been a few weeks, but with everything going on with Orlando, Dominic, and Miranda it seems like ages already." *I wonder why I am confessing all this to him, especially with the potential hazard it brings. But I trust the kid and I don't trust easilly.*

Elijah: "Miranda? Orlando spoke of her briefly. How does she fit into all this? She is mortal?"

Karl: "It's a long story. She is Dominic's half sister and was once Liv's best friend. But she's mentally sick and broke down when she found out about what Liv is. I'm sure you will eventually meet her as well as their father Ian and his partner Harry. They are all very fascinating people but they are good people as well. We are hoping that Miranda will be able to recover. Dominic is staying with her for the time being."

Elijah: "So this Miranda is Dominic's sister. Hmm. I'm curious. When did you realize that you were in love with Liv? You said you've been following her for years. How did you go from being enemies to lovers?"

Karl: "Yes, they are the only two children that Ian had from what I can tell. They have two different mothers which I find ironic considering. As far as Liv and I, it's difficult to pin down a point in which things changed. It all happened so fast within a few days. I'm sure you've noticed how charming Liv is. It is easy to fall in love with her. But I would have to say that going back home to the Isle of Fae is what really did it. We were both very nervous and it was only natural to find comfort and support with one another. It cemented the bond that had formed."

Elijah: *A horrified look crosses my face.* "She went back to the Isle of Fae? Why? I hope I never have to go back to Wyndmere. It would kill me."

Karl: "Aye, she did. It was a very brave thing to do. She did it for herself and for Miranda. So that she could live in peace without being on the move forever. We basically asked permission from her mother who granted it on several conditions. Needless to say, we agreed so that we could get out of there, but what she asked of me was cruel. I refuse to do her bidding so that leaves us where we are now. Trying to live our lives as free and happily as possible while time allows. Every day like it might be the last and all that." *I look at Elijah with a stony look of resolve.* "As long as you are loyal to us you have mine and Liv's protection. We will be loyal to you. That I can promise."

Elijah: *As I look into Karl's eyes, I see his strength and determination.* "I believe you. And I thank you ... for everything."

Karl: "You're welcome." *Pointing just up ahead.* "Here's the mall. Now let's go see if we can't find you a jacket that fits."

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