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enchanted_fae @ 03:43 am: Elijah/Orlando/Liv/Karl

Elijah: *The warm water rains down on me from the water spout. It's very relaxing. I've no idea how long I've been in here, but it feels so good to wash up after my long journey. After I ate my meal, Liv took the dishes away and Karl showed me how to use the various water spouts in the bathroom. There is one that pours into a basin and drains through a pipe that goes into the wall. Then there is a squatter, or what Karl called a toilet, which instead of relying on a stool shute, works by water flushing the waste down into a pipe as well. The second water spout is affixed to the wall near the ceiling and it effectively rains water down on one's head as you stand in a bathing tub. It's really quite remarkable. I listened very closely as Karl explained briefly how to turn on the water spouts through two knobs; one for hot water and one for cold water. Karl seemed amused when I asked him in depth questions about how the pipes worked and where they went. I'm amazed that Wyndmere hasn't instituted these plumbing systems. They're really quite convenient. In the "shower area", behind a slick curtain, I found various bottles of brightly colored and pleasantly scented bath liquids. I chose one with a strawberry scent and used it to wash myself. But now the warm water is cooling off and I take that as a sign that I need to end my bathing time. I really must remember to ask Liv about the water system more in depth since Karl had a limited knowledge of the subject. Karl admitted to me that until recently he has been ferrying back and forth between the Isle of Fae and the mortal world. He's only recently become a rogue like me. I suddenly stop and it hits me. I'm a rogue fae. It's wonderful and overwhelming for I do not know what lies ahead. At least I've found friends. It would be horrible if I was all alone. I jump when I hear a soft knock at the door of the bathroom. I call out tentatively.* "Yes?"

Karl: *Walking past the bathroom, I notice Elijah is still in there. What could be taking the boy so long? I guess I should check to make sure he's okay. I knock on the door lightly.* "Hey Elijah, you okay in there? Wouldn't want you to be sucked down the toilet or anything."

Elijah: *For a wild moment, I actually wonder if that's possible, but as I peek out at the squatter from behind the curtain I realize it's too small of an opening and there's not enough suction for that to happen.* "I'm okay. I'm just finishing up now." I turn the knobs to shut off the water and pull the curtain back. I pick up the fluffy white piece of cloth that Karl left for me to dry off with. As I begin to dry myself, I notice some more bottles on the counter. I pick one up and read the writing on the side.* "Indulgences body lotion. Fresh strawberry scent. Now indulge yourself with new Indulgences body lotion. Our extra moisturizing formula leaves your skin smooth and soft." *Hmm. Sounds good. It takes me a moment to figure out how to open the bottle. It's cap is much like the strawberry scented liquid soap I used before. After I finish drying myself off, I apply a liberal coat of the lotion. Karl had also laid out some a change of clothes for sleeping in. I lift up the gray, cotton shirt and look at it.* "Mortal clothes!" *I wonder what it feels like to wear them. I put on the shirt and slip into the soft black pants. Very comfortable. When I emerge from the bathroom, I am still blotting my hair with the drying cloth.*

Liv: *I look up as Elijah emerges from the bathroom in a cloud of steam. Karl and I are in the kitchen. I've just finished cleaning up for the night. Karl is sitting on the barstool at the counter. As he approaches, I notice the overwhelming scent of strawberries. I stifle a giggle at this.* "Feel better?"

Elijah: *Excitedly.* "Oh yes! The water system here is amazing! I don't know why they never installed anything similiar in Wyndmere. I guess they like the old fashioned way of doing things. Where does the water come from? A well? And where does it go?"

Liv: *I smile at his excitement.* "It goes back to the water treatment plant. I'll have to drive you by sometime and show you."

Elijah: "It's all so new and different. Thank you, Karl. For showing me how it all works."

Karl: *I'm fighting a smile that keeps tugging at the corners of my mouth as the scent of fruity shower product gets stronger. With the repressed laughter clearly showing on my face, I finally give in with a gentle smile of amusement finally coming through.* "You are more then welcome. If you need help with anything, Liv and I are here to assist you. Just ask."

Liv: *I come out from the kitchen and walk over to the sofa.* "Well, I'm afraid the only empty place to sleep is the couch here. But it's very comfortable as Karl can tell you." *I wink at Karl over Elijah's shoulder.* "I'm sure it's not as big or grand as what you're used to..."

Elijah: *I quickly act to dissolve her misgivings.* "Oh, it's fine. I'm just thankful to you for letting me stay here at all. But ... would it be okay if I slept in the bedroom with Orlando for tonight? Since leaving home, I've had to sleep alone and in odd places. I just kind of want to be near someone familiar. Is that okay?"

Karl: *Perk.* "I can understand that. You must be terribly overwhelmed." *I look at Liv and grin like the Cheshire cat waggling my eyebrows up and down.*

Liv: *I resist the urge to smile at Karl. Instead I send a thought to his mind.* "Hold that thought." *I give Elijah an understanding look.* "Of course it's okay. Here. Let's get you set up in the bedroom." *I pick up the pillow and blanket that I've already set on the couch and lead Elijah into the bedroom.* "Orlando, Elijah will sleep in here tonight with you."

Orlando: *I open my eyes drowsily as Liv and Elijah enter.* "Ah, good. I'm getting bored in here all alone."

Liv: "Well, tomorrow we're going to move you into the bed in the alcove so you'll be able to observe everyone and everything."

Orlando: *I brighten up immediately.* "Really? That's good news. Why the change? So you and loverboy can have some alone time?"

Liv: *I give him a stern look as I set Elijah's pillow on the bed.* "Grumpy, are we? And yes, that is why." *I smile and chuckle softly. Then I lean over and kiss Orlando's forehead and ruffle his hair.* "Goodnight, oh grouchy one." *I then turn to Elijah and embrace him in a warm hug unexpectedly. He seems stunned for a second, but then accepts and returns my embrace in full force. I softly stroke his still wet hair.* "You're safe now, Elijah. You've travelled far and you've made it. You're free. We are your friends for as long as you will let us be." *I pull back and look into his amazingly large blue eyes.*

Elijah: "You remind me of my mother."

Liv: *I smile and kiss his cheek.* "That makes me happy. Goodnight, dear Elijah."

Orlando: "Hey, he got a kiss on the cheek. Why can't I get a kiss on the cheek?"

Liv: *I roll my eyes at him.* "Goodnight, boys." *I leave the two boys in the bedroom, close the door after me, and make my way to the alcove where the other boy is waiting anxiously for me.*

Orlando: "I think she likes you."

Elijah: *I'm still looking at the door where she exited from. Then I look to Orlando.* "She's breathtaking. She's heavenly. I could worship her like a goddess. Do you know what I mean?"

Orlando: "I know exactly what you mean." *I breathe a heavy sigh.* "She has this ability to get under my skin and make me into a stuttering fool and still love every minute of it."

Elijah: *I climb into bed beside him and sit with my legs folded.* "You sound as if you have feelings for her."

Orlando: "I do."

Elijah: *My brows furrow in confusion.* "Do you love her? I mean, romantically?"

Orlando: *I look at Elijah, give a wry smile, and look away.* "To my shame, yes."

Elijah: "But ... she's with Karl ..."

Orlando: "Yes, thanks for reminding me." *I rub my eyes and then stretch my arms over my head. The effort hurts a bit and I whince in pain.* "I cannot escape from that fact. And I cannot escape from here either. I've accepted it though. Or I'm learning to, rather. But I can still worship her from afar."

Elijah: "Isn't that frustrating?"

Orlando: "Quite."

Elijah: *I lay back and think about this.* "I know what that's like."

Orlando: "Yes, I know. How is Billy?"

Elijah: *A smile tugs at the corners of my mouth as I remember Billy. I shift a bit in order to lean my head on Orlando's shoulder.* "He's ... perfect. He's a million miles away ... or he might as well be. I miss him. I miss him so desperately. That's why I couldn't be alone tonight."

Orlando: *I lift my arm and allow Elijah to settle his head onto my chest. Then my hand absently strokes his shoulder. I am the only one that Elijah ever told about his love for Billy. My heart aches for him, because I know his heart must be breaking. I can feel his sadness.* "I wonder if Billy ever knew."

Elijah: *Tears suddenly well up in my eyes.* "He knew. I told him before I left."

Orlando: "You did? What did he say?"

Elijah: *I sit up and face Orlando. A tear falls down my cheek.* "He told me that he had always loved me as well."

Orlando: *I'm not surprised at this revelation. I had always sensed that Billy loved Elijah.* "But he could never give in to those feelings because of his position as your father's advisor."

Elijah: "Exactly. It's so unfair. He sacrificed so much just so that I could be free."

Orlando: "At least you know he loves you."

Elijah: *I sniff and look down.* "We made love before I left. It was our last goodbye. It was the most beautiful moment of my life."

Orlando: *I have no words to comfort him. A tear rolls down my cheek as well. I hold out my arms to him.* "Come here."

Elijah: *I embrace him tearfully lying my head on his chest and sobbing silently. I suddenly remember his wound and shift a bit in order to keep from causing him pain.*

Orlando: *I hold Elijah as he cries. I wish I could take the pain away, but I'm helpless. As Liv once said, 'There is no fae magic to heal a broken heart.' After his sobs begin to subside, I speak again.* "I wish Liv and I could have a last goodbye, but I'm afraid it's a different situation. When we met, I felt a connection immediately. I thought she did as well. But I was a few weeks too late. I guess it just wasn't meant to be."

Elijah: "It would be hard not to fall in love with her."

Orlando: *I give a small laugh at this.* "That's certainly true. I suppose I can resign myself to the fact that she loves another. Even if it is Karl. I guess he's not so bad after all. I can see why she loves him. He's utterly devoted to her."

Elijah: *I notice that the bandage of his wound is poking out from beneath the blanket.* "How does your side feel?"

Orlando: *I shrug.* "It's okay. I took my pain pill not too long ago."

Elijah: "What happened? How did Liv wound you?"

Orlando: *I blush slightly.* "I hate this story. Over the past week I've had a lot of time to think over my actions and I'm ashamed at the way I acted. For one thing, I let my jealousy over Liv and Karl take over. Man, I can be a bastard when I want to be."

Elijah: "What did you do?"

Orlando: "I've been ordered to capture Karl."

Elijah: *I'm alarmed at this news. Not Karl. He's not evil. He loves Liv with all of his heart.* "Oh no. Liv.."

Orlando: "I know. She would be devastated. But what's more is that she would fight and kill to keep that from happening. I met Liv first. She told me that she knew of no other fae in town. I knew she was lying, of course. I suppose to protect him. Perhaps she meant to warn him to leave before I found him. For whatever reason, he did not leave. He chose to stay. When I saw him with Liv for the first time they were having dinner with a friend. I was overwhelmed with jealousy. I confronted them out on the street in the midst of a crowd." *My jaw juts out defiantly as I remember the angry words that Karl and I exchanged. He can be such a prick sometimes.*

Elijah: "What happened then?"

Orlando: "Liv forced Karl to take their friend, Miranda, home. Liv tried to talk me out of capturing him, but I wouldn't listen. It is my duty after all. I followed Karl and challenged him on the rooftop of the building where Miranda lived. I was ... " *Heavy sigh.* "... I was callous and a bit cruel. I said some things I shouldn't have. I was consumed by jealousy because when I saw them together they seemed so perfect together, so affectionate." *I almost spit out that last word as if it is cursed.* "He and I fought and Liv showed up which distracted him enough so that I was able to deal him a blow so severe that it knocked him unconscious. I had won, but then Liv bent over his unconscious body and it was then that I realized how much she loved him. And I was ashamed at that moment. I only wanted to collect Karl's body, return to Wyndmere, and somehow work out my guilt. Liv wouldn't let that happen." *I look in the eye so that Elijah can see how serious I am about my next statement.* "I've fought many foes over the years, but I have never faced a foe that inspired so much fear in me as she did at that moment. Her eyes alone could have torn me apart. I think that's what wounded me the most. The hatred I saw in her eyes. She fought me and I tried to fight her off with only defensive maneuvers. However, Karl regained consciousness long enough to cry out which distracted me and she was able to run me through with her blade."

Elijah: "She meant to kill you?"

Orlando: "No. To her credit, Liv didn't know that her blow could kill me. The Dark Queen never told her that she was a Half-Breed. Liv was just as surprised as I was when I felt my life ebbing away from me. She took me to get medical attention and now she's vowed to nurse me back to health."

Elijah: "That's ironic."

Orlando: "You've no idea. But Liv is no killer. She would not leave me to die. I'm indebted to her."

Elijah: "So what happens now?"

Orlando: "I've no idea."

Elijah: "Will you still capture Karl?"

Orlando: *I breathe deeply.* "I don't want to. However, if I don't, your father will send another seeker to find him. I don't know what to do."

Elijah: "My father always manages to complicate things." *I lay back down and snuggle under the blanket that Liv left for me.*

Orlando: "Life complicates things." *I yawn and shut my eyes.* "Will you shut off that light? You should try to get some rest."

Elijah: *I reach over and (after examining the lamp and a few directions from Orlando) manage to turn off the light. Amazing sources of light. I'll have to ask Liv how that works. Then I lay back down and curl up under the blanket.*

Orlando: *Suddenly, I notice that Liv's strawberry scent is lingering longer than usual. I sniff in Elijah's direction.* "Elijah, why do you smell like a girl?"

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