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rogue_fae @ 04:29 am: Liv/Karl/Dominic/Elijah

Liv: *I emerge from behind the curtain after smoothing out my appearance a bit.* "Forgive me, Dom. Let's eat, shall we?" *I take a seat and catch Karl's eye. I smile a secret smile, full of promises for a time later when we can be alone. I wink at him slyly and the notice that Dominic has witnessed the whole thing.* "You're a perceptive chap, aren't you? How is it that you are so clairvoyant? I've never met another mortal with as much psychic power as you. Miranda has it as well, but in a lesser amount."

Dominic: *I am impressed with Liv's directness and respond to it with open honesty. While piling food on my plate, I begin to try and explain myself.* "I've always had something unique, from birth I suppose or at least as long as I can remember. My great great grandmother was a healer. She was considered a witch doctor of sorts in her little village. I guess the gift is passed down usually among the women but somehow I ended up with it." *I shrug and continue on.* "Now that is from my mother's side of the family. There is a little bit of the second sight as my mother called it on my father's side of the family as well. Which is what you encountered in Miranda. I think that is what drew mom and dad together." * I pause a moment to lick a bit of gravy from my fingers resuming my story only after making certain every last bit was sucked off.* "Mmm good stuff, Liv. Thank you. Anyway over the years I have developed it in two ways one of which is through my practice of meditation and yoga and the other is from my habit of actually watching what goes on around me. People in general are so wrapped up in their own head space that they are oblivious to what is going on around them. It is amazing what you learn if you just watch." *I look up to give Liv and Karl a sly smile before going back to attack my plate of food voraciously being careful to chew and swallow before continuing.* "Does that answer your questions sufficiently?"
Liv: *I giggle at the way he practically inhales my cooking.* "Yes, I think it does. So what do you think about all of this? This faerie business, I mean. I must admit that I marvel at the way you're handling it all."

Dominic: *I look up with a smile* "I haven't had real home cooked food in weeks. I cook myself but haven't had a second to do it since getting here. This is lovely. Really, thank you. As far as this..." *I wave my fork around indicating the bevy of immortals I am currently surrounded with.* "I really don't know how to explain it. I guess I have always held the notion that I believe in anything conceivable and some things that are not until it is proven nonexistent. I wouldn't have believed anyone if they told me but seeing you guys and feeling your energy is undeniable." *I stop look up from my plate long enough to give eye contact. I feel like they need to know I really do mean what I am about to say.* "I feel privileged to have met you all. I consider it an honor to be privy to you and your world and I have to thank you for accepting me into it. I always did feel a kinship with those on the fringes of society and I guess you fit that bill perfectly."
Liv: "We are honored as well to have a mortal friend who accepts us openly and warmly. Especially considering how Miranda reacted." *I reach over and lay a hand on Karl's shoulder merely for the comfort of his touch. My hand rubs slow circles in his skin.* "Perhaps Karl and I will have to take you flying one of these nights."

Dominic: *I completely ignore everything else that was said when she mentions flying and perk up leaning closer to the table and gush excitedly.* "Flying, really? That would be amazing!"

Karl: *I am a bit surprised when Liv mentions flying. I've never taken a mortal into the air with me, but I can't help but soften at the enthusiasm of Dominic's response.* "Perhaps so. It is an exhilaration to be sure."

Dominic: *I blush slightly at my overexhuberance.* "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to dismiss everything else that was said. It's just that I have always dreamed of flying. I never thought I might get a chance to have that dream come true. As far as what you mentioned about Miranda, don't forget that a large deal of what made her react the way she did was the fact that she was on a slippery slope into her sickness. It was the straw that broke the proverbial camel's back so to speak."

Liv: "Yes, of course." *My one hand tenses upon Karl's shoulder a bit. It's a signal to him that I'm uncomfortable talking too much about Miranda just yet. I rise.* "Excuse me." *I walk into the kitchen just steps away and pour myself some wine. In all of the excitement I had forgotten to pour myself a drink. I take a large sip and then return to the table.*

Dominic: *Well, okay, that wasn't a good sign. Not when I could hear the dismissal in Liv's tone. I mentally try to project a thought to Karl hoping it works.* "Don't worry. I caught that. Sorry to push. I won't talk about it anymore." *I look to Liv and change the subject trying to cut some of the tension that just filled the room.* "So, Liv, what do you do for recreation around here?"

Karl: *I am just about to change the subject when I hear Dominic's voice in my head. It is stronger then before, he seems to be getting the hang of communicating this way.* "It's okay, mate. I know you didn't mean anything by it." *I look down at my empty beer bottle and back up at Liv with a puppy dog pleading look on my face.* "Honey, could you get me a drink too? Something a bit stronger then this beer."

Liv: "Of course, love. Wine?"

Karl: "Wine would be great, thank you."

Liv: *I look at Dominic.* "Dominic?"

Dominic: *I look up from where I had apparently been intently studying my hands very much lost in my own thought.* "Huh? Oh yeah, that would be lovely, thank you." *I stand quickly patting my hip pocket down making sure my lighter is in there. Nodding my head toward the balcony I can see from where I'm sitting, I address Liv and Karl.* "Do you mind if I step outside for a few? I need some fresh air and a smoke."

Liv: "Not at all. Help yourself." *I rise and enter the kitchen. As I pour wine into two empty wine glasses I mentally chide myself, 'He's clairvoyant, Liv. He can sense what you're feeling.' I feel as if I'm a child who has ruined the laidback atmosphere with my petulant behavior. Perhaps I'm too used to being coddled and babied. Perhaps I need to toughen up. I take a gulp of wine from one of the glasses mentally noting to give that one to Karl. I fill up what I've taken.*

Karl: "So Dom." *I pause for a second wondering where that came from. The name just seems to fit.* "Do you mind if I call you Dom?"

Dominic: *I smile at the shortening of my name. Only my closest friends call me that and I haven't heard it for ages, feels nice to hear it again.* "No, I'm quite fond of that name actually."

Karl: *I return Dom's smile and continue talking waiting for Liv to get back with our drinks.* "Great. Anyway, so what kind of job are you going to be looking for?"

Dominic: "Oh, I'm not sure yet. I can cook so possibly at a small diner or coffee shop. Maybe one of those coffee shop book store combination deals that these small arty towns seem to be famous for. That would be nice."

Liv: *The boys have moved out onto the patio and I join them out there. I hand each of them their glass of wine. Then I slip my arms around Karl and contentedly hold him as they continue their conversation. I begin to wonder about Elijah and whether or not he might be hungry. I should probably go and ask him. I know Orlando wouldn't mind a second dinner. I kiss Karl's cheek.* "Excuse me, love. I'm going to go and see if Orlando and Elijah need anything." *I leave them there and head towards the bedroom.*

Karl: "That's great. I'm sure there is something in the area that would fit you perfectly." *I smile at Liv as I take the wine from her and settle my arms around her shoulders as we fit together like puzzle pieces.* "Seems like a nice enough town though I haven't gotten a chance to really explore it yet." *I pout teasingly as Liv untangles herself from me to check on the boys.* "Okay sweetie, hurry back."

Dominic: *I thank Liv for the wine as I take the glass from her and tip it back draining half the glass at once.* "Yeah, I'm looking forward to finally getting settled in." *I take out a thin cigarette darkly papered with a heavy scent of spice and hold it between my lips as I flick my lighter the flame dancing madly in the movement of the night air. My eyes close as the first inhalation warms my lungs with sweet fragrant smoke. Releasing the breath I watch as the starkly white tendrils of smoke snake their way away from us on the breeze.*

Liv: *I knock on the bedroom door lightly. When I hear Orlando call out a faint, "Come in," I step inside. Elijah has shed his bag and overcoat and is now sitting on the bed beside Orlando.* "Forgive me for intruding, fellows. I was just wondering if I could get you anything?"

Orlando: *I smile at Elijah and nod towards Liv.* "See what I mean, Lijah? An angel of mercy ... and a damned good swordfighter as well. She's been taking excellent care of me."

Liv: *I approach him and laugh.* "Yes, so excellent that it almost makes up for the fact that I nearly killed him." *At Elijah's startled look, I suddenly stop.* "Oh, you didn't tell him."

Orlando: "No, we hadn't gotten to that yet. Don't worry, dear Liv. You know I'm always up for some of your cooking. Are you hungry, Elijah?"

Elijah: *With a slightly shellshocked look on my face.* "Um, yes. I am rather hungry." *Liv nods and turns to leave. I get up suddenly and go after her.* "But you don't have to wait on me. I can manage."

Liv: "I don't mind. You stay and catch up." *Despite my protests, he follows me to the kitchen anyway. I get out a tray and set a plate on it.* "You must be exhausted after your long trip."

Elijah: "A little. Yes."

Liv: *I begin to pile leftover food onto the plate.* "Elijah, would you like to stay here with us? I know you have no place else to go. Karl and I truly don't mind. We'll just need to redo the sleeping arrangements." *I stop and look into his cerulean blue eyes.* "I honestly understand how you feel and I would like you to stay here with us."

Elijah: *I smile and tears threaten to spill.* "Thank you. You've no idea how much your kindness means to me. I'm in your debt." *I look down at my feet shyly.* "You know, I've heard stories about you before. Your beauty is reknowned among those of the High Court. I see that the stories are true and I'm delighted to find that you are as beautiful in spirit as you are in flesh."

Liv: *Now my eyes well up with unshed tears. What a lovely soul he has. I make up my mind then and there to do all that I can to help him. His words touch me deeply. Here I was thinking that I can never do anything right. The rebellious daughter of an evil queen.* "Thank you..."

Karl: *Leaving Dominic to his cigarette, I step inside and spying Liv in the kitchen stroll in. When I reach her, I notice Elijah standing off to the side. I walk up behind Liv and wrap my arms around her from behind resting my chin on the top of her head.* "Hello love. I see you're feeding that insatiable eating machine again." *I grin and wink at Elijah cocking my head to the side so I can see him better.* "I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to really introduce ourselves earlier. I didn't mean to be gruff. It's just with an injured fae and a human in the house I am kind of protective of my family. I hope you can understand. I assume Liv has already asked you to stay here until you are on your feet again. Please feel free to make yourself at home. Keeping Orlando amused is far worth having another guest. We rogues have to stick together after all." *I hug Liv tightly and whisper into her mind.* "You have such a kind heart, my beautiful warrior. I love you."

Elijah: *To Karl.* "Of course, I understand. And I thank you for your kindness." *I watch Karl and Liv in fascination. How perfect they seem together. I wonder if someday I'll ever feel like that with someone. An odd scent suddenly catches my attention. I look around and notice Dominic out on the balcony. I ask Liv to excuse me and wander outside to join him.*

Liv: *When Elijah walks away, I turn in Karl's arms so that I'm facing him.* "And I love you. Always." *I pull him into a corner of the kitchen where we cannot be seen by anyone either on the balcony or through the open door of the bedroom. Once we're out of sight, I grab his shirt and pull his mouth to mine in a heated kiss. I slowly and languidly wind my arms around his neck.*

Karl: *Finally alone, Liv and I come together like a great wave meeting the shore. Our pent up passion, the result of a night full of teasing, being expended in a mind blowing kiss. I attack her mouth as if I was ravenous sucking and biting her bottom lip as my fingers tangle themselves in her hair. Our bodies are so melded that I find it difficult to breathe and at the moment breathing seems highly overrated. When we finally do pull back, Liv is panting softly before me with bright lust-glazed eyes and she appears to me to be the most beautiful I have ever seen her. She is wild and free with a fire blazing in the depths of her eyes that speaks of intense sensations and emotions.* "You are perfect, you know that? Exquisite in every single way, my love, my life, my joy." *I say each of the last three sentiments punctuated with a kiss, one on each eyelid, and the last as a brief feather light brush across the lips.*

Liv: *I smile at him blissfully.* "I love you so much, baby. I need you tonight. I don't know how we'll manage it seeing as how we have a full house..." *My lips seeks out skin once more. I seem to be addicted to kissing his neck. I slide my fingers up into his hair and press his skin into my kiss.*

Karl: "Your wish is my command, love. We will find a way. Whatever makes you happy." *I smile down and wrap you in my arms nuzzling my face into your hair and breathing your scent in deeply.*

Elijah: *I wander out onto the small balcony where Dominic is. I step up onto the stone railing as if it's the most natural thing in the world and take a deep breath. The night sky enthralls me. Oh, how I loved flying at night.* "What a beautiful night. I love the moonlight."

Dominic: *I am about a millisecond from grabbing Elijah's legs and pulling him down when I remember he is fae and can fly. I am still a bit shaken as we humans are not so used to such blase disregard of heights. My but doesn't he look magnificent standing against the black of the sky and the luminescence of the moonlight.* "Aye, it is a sight to behold. She's full tonight, the moon, and hanging very low in the sky. It feels like I should be able to reach out and touch her." *I look up at the enraptured look upon his face and my heart flutters. This moment seems oddly intimate and I am drawn to him as a moth to flame.*

Elijah: *His voice is so calming and I look down at him. I notice a small cylindrical object between his fingers and my nose again catches that odd burning scent in the air.* "What is that?" *I nod to whatever it is in his hand.*

Dominic: *I look down to where he is indicating in confusion.* "This? This is a clove cigarette. It's a plant called tobacco mixed with a spice called cloves then rolled in a kind of paper. You light it and draw the smoke into your lungs. The tobacco relaxes you and the cloves give it a nice spicy flavor and cause your mouth to tingle."

Elijah: *My expression indicates that I think this is the oddest thing in the world. I step down from the railing and lift his hand to closer examine this cigarette. Then I pluck it out from between his fingers and try to imitate the way he holds it. My hand holds onto his a moment too long to be just friendly. His skin feels so warm and alive. I reluctantly let go and look into his eyes.* "May I?"

Dominic: *I smile at his almost childlike innocence. I've never met anyone that seems incredibly fragile until you are up close and then his presence is so solid and real that it takes you by surprise. His touch as he takes the cigarette sends tingles across the skin of my hand.* "If you wish. Try not to take a deep breath the first time. You want to take it slowly with virgin lungs." *Elijah looks delectable with the cigarette in his hand. The sight quickens my pulse and heats my blood.*

Elijah: *I inhale a bit careful of Dominic's warning. It is a strange sensation, but not altogether unpleasant. As I exhale, I hand the cigarette back to him.* "Not bad. Is it healthy for you? Inhaling smoke into your lungs?"

Dominic: *I stare back out into the night and laugh lightly taking a slow languid draw from the cigarette.* "Good for you? No, not exactly. Not much is good for you these days, but I figure if you're going to die you might as well die from something you enjoy doing. Enjoy life while it lasts I always say." *I look back over at you and crinkle my nose slightly in thought.* "But then again I guess you don't have to worry about that, do you?"

Elijah: *I shake my head in answer to his question. I look up into his eyes and he holds me in his gaze for a moment. It would be so easy to just reach over and kiss him right now. I mentally smack myself. I've only just met him! Luckily, Liv and Karl now join us.*

Liv: "Elijah, would you like to come inside and eat? Or eat in the room with Orlando?"

Elijah: *I'd completely forgotten all about Orlando. I'd really rather stay outside and talk to Dominic, but I have a feeling that I'm making a fool of myself. I feel so drawn to him. I suppose it's better to go back and finish catching up with Orlando. He still has yet to tell me of the fight in which Liv wounded him. I wonder what that was all about? Still, as I look at Liv, I imagine that she probably had a good reason. Orlando can be rather cold at times.* "Orlando? Yes, I'll dine with him." *I look at Dominic reluctantly.*

Liv: "I thought you'd say as much. I already took your food into the bedroom. It's waiting in there for you.Orlando is growing restless." *I give him a knowing look.* "I think Orlando will be happier when we move him out into the alcove tomorrow. That way he can keep an eye on things. Our wounded watchdog."

Karl: *I snort at Liv's comment.* "The boy is as twitchy as a kid hyped up on too much caffeine. He needs something to occupy his time."

Dominic: *I have to admit to myself that I am slightly disappointed that Elijah is leaving. I was so enjoying his company. But maybe it's for the best. I wouldn't want to freak him out by coming on too strong. I don't even know yet if he is into guys. What would be the odds anyway? I don't know if my luck can hold out that far. I try not to stare but my gaze keeps flickering over to him seemingly unbidden. I can't help but steal shy little glances at him from under my lowered eyelashes as I pretend to study the ground.*

Elijah: *I'm trying to think of a way to stall my leaving, but I cannot think of a damn thing. I must look like a fool just standing there staring at Dominic. Finally, I hold out my hand to him.* "It was nice talking to you, Dominic. Hopefully, we can see each other again soon." *Was that too forward?*

Dominic: *There is almost a sadness at seeing him leave. At this moment there is only the two of us as everyone else in the world melts into the background. I look him in the eye and hope that he sees in me even just a fraction of the affection I already feel for him.* "I am most delighted to meet you. I will look forward to speaking to you again very soon." *I take Elijah's hand and kiss it once letting go as quickly as possible so as to not seem too over eager.*

Elijah: *I can't help but grin like an idiot as Dominic kisses my hand. I walk away, but not before letting my blue eyes flash at him momentarily.* "Until we meet again..."

Dominic: *I see a flash of brilliant blue spark in Elijah's eyes and gasp. The corners of my mouth twitch up in a smile as he walks away and I feel like a teenager again. Talk about a connection made upon first sight.*

Liv: *I smile at the scene before me. How sweet! It is completely obvious that Dominic and Elijah are attracted to each other. What a sweet couple they would make. My mind is already coming up with ideas about how to encourage the attachment. I shall have to ask Dom over for dinner again soon.*

Karl: *I look over at Liv to see if she is catching all this. I can tell by the way she is looking at the two of them that she is and I can almost smell the smoke from the wheels turning inside her head. I catch her eye as Elijah walks off and wink at her. This is going to be a very interesting time for us. After all the years of solitude I almost crave all the interaction even if it puts a slight cramp in our lifestyle. The feeling of family as dysfunctional and bizarre as it is makes me feel whole again. So this is what love does to someone.*

Liv: "Dom, would you care for more wine?"

Dominic: *I look down at my empty wine glass and then back out at the night sky. Shaking my head I turn to Liv.* "No, thank you. Actually I think it's about time for me to go. I'd like to take a nice walk before sacking out. It's been a long day and all I want is to wind down and get some rest. But thank you so much for this. I truly enjoyed my night. You guys know how to throw one hell of a party."

Liv: *As we walk back inside and towards the front door...* "Well, thank you for coming. You'll have to come over for dinner again soon. Next time you can meet Orlando."

Dominic: *I turn at the front door to face Liv and Karl.* "I'd love that. Once again I really enjoyed myself and thank you both." *I lean in to give Liv a hug and then offer my hand to Karl.* "Well, I'd better be off now. You two lovebirds have a nice night." *I give them a wink and turn to walk out the door waving over my shoulder as I start down the stairs.*

Karl: I wrap my arms around Liv as we stand at the door and see Dom off.* " 'Night Dom. Take care of yourself, man. I'll see you later." *As soon as Dom is out of sight I close the door and lock it turning back to Liv I look at her with a cheeky grin on my face.* "One down, two to go. What do you say we go get Elijah and Orlando settled in for the night, ay?"

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