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rogue_fae @ 04:24 am: Liv/Karl/Dominic/Orlando/Elijah

Dominic: *I find myself nervously shifting from foot to foot as I wait for someone to answer the door. I have to admit I am nervous being here. The invitation for dinner at Karl and Liv's place came as quite the surprise. And though I am not afraid of them, the thought of being the only human here is quite daunting. But the respite from home matters is a welcome one and I plan on trying to enjoy my time out. I left Miranda in the capable hands of Ian and Harry however I cannot help worrying about her. I have not left her side since Karl came by to get the bottle. Harry brought over some medication as Karl promised and that is where we stand. Pulling my thoughts away from my worries, I take a deep breath and wonder what the heck is taking so long. Before I can release it the door swings open and a smiling Liv greets me.*

Liv: "Dominic. Come in! Please." *I smile at him wholeheartedly and step aside for him to enter.* "I'm so glad that you could come. I feel absolutely horrible about how things went at your welcome dinner. I'm so sorry about that." *I reach out and give his hand a quick squeeze and kiss his cheek lightly in greeting.*

Dominic: *I step quickly inside as Liv gestures for me to enter. I take her proffered hand and kiss the knuckles before giving her a quick hug.* "No worries, love. Thank you for extending your hospitality. I am thankful for a little time outside that apartment." *I see Karl sitting at the kitchen table and raise my hand in a small wave.* "Hey Karl. How's it going?*</i>

Karl: *I see Dominic making his way towards me and I gesture for him to take a seat.* "It's going well. I can't complain. How about you?"

Dominic: *Sitting down next to Karl I turn a bit to face him and make myself comfortable. It is a comfortable sort of feeling I get around Karl that makes it easy for me to talk to him.* "Things are going. Ya know how it is. Taking every day as it comes."

Liv: *I enter the kitchen and give the salad one last toss. Then I carry the large salad bowl to the table and set it down in the center.* "How is everything? I mean, with Miranda." *I turn to head back in the kitchen and then turn back.* "Oh, what would you like to drink? Beer, wine, fruit juice, water?"

Dominic: *Turning slightly toward Liv, I open my mouth to answer her question about Miranda but am halted momentarily when she turns back to ask me something else. Something in the grace of the act or maybe the way the light hit her at that particular moment struck me and I suddenly understood my sister a lot more. This creature is exquisite and more then a little charming. I can't help but smile at her.* "Beer would be nice, thank you. And Miranda is doing as well as can be expected. She has only had a few doses of the medication and it can take up to a month to fully take effect. She doesn't seem to be having any dangerous behavior. Matter of fact, quite the opposite. She is almost unresponsive. However we are still watching her constantly. Once the correct medication and dosage is found then we are confident she will be okay. She should have never went off her medication to begin with. It is what triggered all this. I guess she went off of it about two weeks ago. Didn't tell anyone." *I sigh and shake my head fidgeting with the salt shaker.* "So stubborn that one. I wonder which side of the family she gets it from." *I look up and catch Liv's eye winking at her before lowering my gaze back down to the salt shaker in my hand.* "I should have been here for her the first time this all happened. I reckon I arrived just in time this go around."

Liv: "I'm really thankful for that." *I return with two bottles of beer which I've already opened. I set one down in front of Dominic and set the other in front of Karl. I kiss the top of Karl's head and massage his shoulders absentmindedly as I stand behind his chair.* "I can't thank you enough, Dom. You've been so wonderful..." *My voice trails off. The next few sentences are a bit hard to speak out loud because they are choked with emotion.* "I really do love Miranda. I don't quite understand what she's going through, but I never stopped loving her."

Dominic: *I smile up at Liv.* "I know you do. And you have been a great friend. I admire you for sticking with her even though through her sickness she has been very hurtful toward you. I don't think the damage is permanent if you don't want it to be. She will eventually be able to think rationally and be able to feel like herself again." *I lower my head once again feeling almost like a voyeur being privy to the intimate scene before me. Liv touches Karl with such tenderness and takes comfort in his presence. It is beautiful to behold and I can't help but feel a little envious and maybe even a little lonely. Taking up the bottle before me I take a large gulp of the pale amber liquid feeling the need to have the warmth of the alcohol spreading through my belly.*

Karl: *I take in the conversation letting Dominic and Liv talk things out amongst themselves. I don't feel the need to interrupt. Instead I take Liv's arms and bring them around my neck clasping her hands together on my chest and holding them within mine.*

Liv: *A timer going off in the kitchen reminds me of the chicken I must serve soon.* "Ooh, excuse me. I have to take the chicken out of the oven." *I enter the kitchen to take care of the food and prepare it to be brought to the table.*

Elijah: *I fly over the city of Hamlet cloaked and hidden. I sense something faint. I sense other fae. It's like spotting a faint light against a black screen. I follow my senses and fly ever closer towards the presence. I land on a rooftop. It's in this building. I can feel it. I'm still wearing the cloak so they cannot sense me. It seems like this building only has four levels. I fly around the perimeter of the building. Up ahead I see a window with light spilling out. I approach the window and peer inside. I can tell instantly and without a doubt that two of the people inside are fae: a male and a female. The female is quite beautiful. She's dressed all in black with a sleek mane of darkest brown hair and fair, luminous skin. She's quite breathtaking actually. She's bringing food out and setting it on a table. She's serving the men. Now the fae male is rising and helping her. He carries out a steaming platter of food and sets it on the table. The female winds her arms around his shoulders and kisses his cheek. As I hover there, I am touched by the scene before me. The very picture of domestic bliss. The female is radiant and she exudes a gentle, calming presence. The male fae is obviously very devoted to her. I can see it in his eyes as they fall on her and the way he slides his hand around her waist. The male fae has a strong, protective presence, but not dangerous. I do not sense any evil about these two fae. The other person in the room is a mortal. I've never seen one so up close before. It's a male with barely in control blonde hair and a relaxed posture. My first impression of him is that he's tousled and worn, but in comfortable way, not in a bad way at all. He has a very interesting presence. A bit wild, carefree, on the edge. He is a free spirit. I envy him. I envy them all. Suddenly, I hear a familiar voice call out faintly. The female leaves the room and enters through a door. I slip around the side of the building and see another window. I hover outside the glass and listen.*

Liv: *As I enter the bedroom...* "Yes, Orlando, dear?"

Orlando: "Am I just to stay hidden away in here all night like some dark secret?"

Liv: *I sit on the edge of the bed.* "Oh, hush. You're in no condition to leave the room just yet. It's only been a few days."

Orlando: "It's been a week! And I'm going stir crazy in here. Can't I go out and meet him?"

Liv: *I chuckle.* "You're in no condition to meet anyone. Besides, you look a fright. I suppose we'll have to bathe you sooner or later."

Orlando: "Don't get excited now. I'm sure I can manage on my own."

Liv: *I laugh outright now.* "Who said I would help you bathe? I'm sure Karl would love that. No, he'd probably take on that task himself."

Orlando: *I fight back a smile with an over-dramatic grimace.* "I'm bored."

Liv: "I'll tell you what. I'll bring Dominic in later to meet you. All right?"

Orlando: "When?"

Liv: "After dinner."

Orlando: "But I could be asleep by then. These damned pills knock me out. And I'm hungry too."

Liv: "I gave you your dinner a half an hour ago."

Orlando: "Yes, but I still need something to munch on..."

Liv: *I laugh and pet the side of his head.* "You'll live! I think you're getting entirely too comfortable with being waited on hand and foot. I'll bring Dominic in later." *I rise and turn to go.*

Orlando: "Just some chips or something?"

Elijah: *I've seen enough. Orlando! I've found him! Wouldn't Billy be proud of me? I feel reasonably sure that these fae that Orlando is staying with are not dangerous. I feel like I can trust them. Besides, Orlando seems to trust them and they're taking care of him while he's wounded. I must find an entrance into this building. I descend to street level and land directly in front of a staircase. Well, that's awfully convenient. From the looks of it, these stairs seem to lead into the home of these fae ... where Orlando is. I climb the stairs cautiously and find myself in front of a door. Only then do I remove the cloak and hang it over my left forearm. I'm a bit nervous. What do I say to them? Best just to get it over with. I've come too far to turn back now. I raise my right hand and knock.*

Karl: *I can hear Orlando and Liv in the bedroom and snicker at the transaction. I am about to go and crash the party when I feel something. My head jerks towards the door as I slip into hyper-awareness.* "What the fuck?" *I'm not even aware I have said anything until I hear Dominic ask what the matter was in a hushed tone. I answer him without taking my eyes away from the door* "Shhh. Just a second. Someone is at the door." *I am slowly rising out of my chair while trying to feel out what is on the other side of the door. It is fae. That is for certain. The queen couldn't have sent someone after us yet. Maybe it is someone coming for Orlando. It doesn't feel malicious. I am slowly walking for the door and pause in front of it finally deciding that the creature on the other side feels afraid and sad more then anything else. I open the door in mid knock to a bewildering sight. A small beautiful and delicate male fae is standing at my doorstep and I can't fathom why. And the weirdest part is the feeling of power that I am getting underneath all the pain and weariness. I am beyond confused at this point. I am waiting for the little imp to speak but am getting the feeling that isn't going to happen anytime soon and patience was never one of my strong suits.* "Can I help you?"

Dominic: *I am a slight bit worried when Karl snaps to attention like a bloodhound on a trail. I can tell something is up and my anxiety only increases as he gets up and heads for the door. I can only see snippets of the person standing in front of Karl as his large frame blocks the entire entrance. His stance does not indicate tension nor does it seem welcoming. I wait in fascination to see what happens. The prospect of another fae excites me immensely and I am anxious to find out if this person is immortal or human.*

Elijah: * When I'm confronted with the male fae face to face I suddenly freeze up. Speak, Elijah. He's so much taller than me and far more muscular. I sense great power in him. I also sense that he's a Half-Breed like me. It didn't occur to me while I was observing him from outside, but I can feel the mortal blood in this one. His brown eyes gaze at me intensely. Speak, Elijah!* "He-Hello. I'm looking for Orlando." *My voice sounds very weak.*

Liv: *As I open the bedroom door and exit.* "All right! I'll get you the chips ... Yes, the ones you had earlier! Wouldn't want you to have to suffer with the wrong brand or anything." *I laugh to myself and then stop when I see Karl standing in front of the open door. Who on earth would be coming over now?* "Karl? What is it?"

Orlando: "And bring that cheese dip too, Liv! Liv? Do you hear me?"

Karl: *I hear Orlando's demanding voice once again and the tension is broken. I laugh gruffly and shake my head.* "You've got to be kidding me. Boy oh boy, let the kid move in for a bit and he takes over. Don't be afraid of me, little one. I won't hurt you as long as you don't hurt us." *I move over a little bit to reveal our newest guest to Liv.* "Oh, Orlando! Sweetheart, you have a visitor." *I call out in a sing song voice. I am highly amused by the situation more for the surreal bizarreness of it all then anything else.* "All of a sudden our apartment is fae central station." *I mutter to myself as I usher the youngster inside. Once I have the door shut and securely locked I turn back to the dark haired immortal standing before me.* "Who are you?"

Dominic: *When Karl finally moves back to reveal the person at the door I know instantly it is fae for there is no mortal alive that can carry beauty like these beings. I almost gasp in surprise. He seems to absorb light and turn it into his own personal glow. I catch myself staring and quickly look down.*

Elijah: *I look at the male fae and then at the male mortal and then finally at the female fae. It is to her that I speak.* "I am Elijah. I've come to find my friend Orlando."

Liv: *When he says his name, it's such a shock that the wind is knocked out of me. I can't breath. I bend over and will my throat to work once more...*

Karl: *When the newcomer identifies himself my eyes widen in sheer shock, but out of the corner of my eye I see Liv keel over and I rush to her.* "Liv, Liv, honey. It's okay." *I grab a hold of her shoulders and pull her upright looking into her face to make sure she is breathing okay. When I can see she's going to be fine I begin to rub circles into her back trying to soothe her. "It'll be all right, Liv. It's going to be okay. Calm down, baby. Just breathe slowly ." *I look to Elijah as the shock wears off and get straight to the point.* "Have you been sent here to take me back?"

Elijah: *I'm utterly and hopelessly confused. Liv? He called her Liv. I know of a female fae named Liv. I've heard stories of her. She's the daughter of the Dark Queen and she lives as rogue. Could this be that same Liv? Then she's a Half-Breed as well.* "No, I ... I haven't come to take anyone anywhere." *I look to the mortal male, who seems to be the calmest one in the room at the moment. I walk towards him, my eyes pleading with him to understand.* "I only came to find Orlando, because he's always been my friend ... and he knows how to survive in the mortal world and I need someone to teach me because I've never been away from home before." *I'm babbling now. I turn to Liv now. Liv will understand.* "Are you Liv? The daughter of the Dark Queen?"

Dominic: *The strength of the fae's emotion is strong. So strong in fact it is almost painful. I flinch back from him as he moves towards me almost as if his presence is too much for me to bare. I feel immediately guilty for pulling away from one that seems so emotionally frail. The last thing I want to do is hurt him but his presence affects me in ways I don't understand. He is like a living breathing lightening rod charged with energy and passion. I attempt a weak smile in his direction to try and make up for my initial reaction. I then look to Karl pleading with my eyes for him to do something.*

Karl: *I notice Dominic's peculiar behavior and I wonder what is going on with him but before I have a chance to ask Elijah commands my attention once again. Shaking my head, I focus back on Elijah.* "Okay, okay. Settle down, little one. We all need to calm down for a second and discuss this rationally." *I look down at Liv and give her a brief squeeze.* "Darling, are you okay?"

Liv: *I've been clinging to Karl as if my life depended on it. I look up at him and manage a quick smile.* "Yes, I'm all right now." *Then I look to Elijah. I've been watching him and I think I finally understand what's going on.* "I am Liv. I am the daughter of the Dark Queen, but I want nothing to do with my mother or the Dark Court. I live as a rogue fae and I refuse to serve anyone. This is Karl. He is a Half-Breed like me who used to serve my mother. Those days are over. He is a rogue like me now. And you? What is your story? You are Elijah, prince of the High Court, are you not?"

Elijah: *I hang my head in shame and a tear falls from my eye.* "Yes, that's true." *I look up into her crystal clear blue eyes.* "But I don't want any part of the High Court. I want to be free like you and live as a rogue. I've escaped from Wyndmere and made my way here to find Orlando, my one friend in the mortal world that I can trust. I'm so sorry to disturb the peace here, but I don't know where else to go."

Karl: *My heart goes out to Elijah and I look to Liv questioningly then back to search Elijah one more time for any sign of deception. Finding none, I continue on.* "Perhaps if it is okay with you, Liv, we should bring Elijah in to see Orlando now. It is obvious he is upset and I don't want to stress him further tonight with unending questioning." *I look to Elijah with a very serious warning in my eyes* "I am trusting you, Elijah. Please don't make me regret the decision."

Elijah: *I nod gravely.* "I understand. I won't betray you. I'm sorry to burden you all..."

Liv: "Don't be sorry. I understand how you feel." *I leave the safety of Karl's arms and approach Elijah.* "We only desire to live in peace away from both fae courts, both Dark and High. If your desire is the same then you are welcome here." * I bow low to him, just as my mother had always taught me. It seems the proper thing to do seeing as he is royalty.* "Would you like to see Orlando now?"

Elijah: *I'm touched by her kindness. I feel a kinship with her already. A bond. I smile at her gratefully.* "Yes, I'd love that."

Liv: "Come this way then." *I turn to lead him into the bedroom and come face to face with Dominic.* "Oh, I'm sorry! I've neglected to introduce you to our good friend, Dominic. He is mortal and knows our secret."

Dominic: *My eyes widen at the admission and the shock of coming face to face with the stranger. All that has been said has my mind spinning. But I manage to recover in time and sputter out a response.* "Hey. Nice to meet you." *I hold out my hand in greeting and risk a small smile for him. Such a softly aching look he has on his face. Makes you want to smooth it away.*

Elijah: * I look at the fellow's outstretched hand and I'm not quite sure why he's extending it. Some bizarre human ritual? I stretch out my own hand and luckily he takes over then. His hand embraces mine and he smiles warmly. There is something special about this Dominic. It's as if he can sense what I'm feeling. His blue-grey eyes stare into mine as if they are piercing my soul. He's very handsome in an unconventional way.* "The pleasure is all mine." *Our hands are still embracing. His thumb ever so slightly strokes my skin. I'm not sure if he means to do this or if it's just part of the ritual. His touch is electrifying and I suddenly find myself reacting. Billy used to say that attraction was just one person's pheromones being compatible with another person's pheromones. Whatever attraction is, it is obvious that my body's chemistry is attracted to Dominic. I feel a slow flush creeping up my pale throat and I look down at our hands which are still touching.*

Dominic: *I see the look of confusion pass across his face as I extend my hand and suddenly remember he has never been out of his own environment before. The naivete touches me and I quickly take his hand and shake it. Somehow my mind forgets to tell my hand to let go as the most electrifying blue eyes I have ever seen look into mine. As I stare deep into his gaze I feel a pull towards him almost as if we are forming a bond mentally. He fascinates me. I shake myself mentally out of thought and flash a brilliant smile bringing his hand up to my lips I kiss it lightly before letting go.* "I don't wish to hold you up. Perhaps we can get further acquainted later."

Karl: *I look from our newest guest to Dominic with a quirked eyebrow making a mental note to poke further into what the hell just went on. That looked like more then a budding friendship. It was kind of amusing actually. I wonder if that is what Liv and I looked like when we first discovered our feelings for each other. I peek at Liv over to my right and smile fondly at her.*

Liv: *I see Karl's smile and suddenly long to embrace him. My, how I love him. I send him a thought.* "I love you, baby." *First things first, however. I'll take Elijah in to see Orlando.* "It's this way, Elijah." *I lead the way and knock lightly on the bedroom door. Then I poke my head in.*

Orlando: "What on earth is going on out there?"

Liv: "You have a visitor, Orlando." * I step inside and reveal Elijah standing behind me.*

Orlando: "Elijah? What on earth...?" *All I feel is utter shock.*

Elijah: *I smile and rush forward.* "Orlando! I've found you!" *I lean over and kiss his forehead. He looks a bit rough, but still a very welcome sight.*

Orlando: "But what are you doing here? How did you find me?" *Shock gives way to concern for two reasons. First of all, I know that it is forbidden for the prince to even leave the palace grounds let alone Wyndmere itself. Second of all, I'm wondering if he's come alone and if he's been followed then another fae might discover Liv and Karl have been harboring me. It would kill Liv if Karl were taken or she would kill someone else in order to stop them. I suddenly begin to wonder why I care if Karl is taken. That's what I'm here to do, isn't it? I push the thought into the back of my mind to be dealt with later on when I'm alone. I can only deal with one thing at a time.*

Elijah: *Excitedly.* "I did it, Orlando. I left Wyndmere! I'm going to be a rogue fae and live in the mortal world, but I need your help."

Orlando: *I shake my head in disbelief.* "But how?"

Liv: *I turn to leave the room. Old friends should be left in peace to be reacquainted.*

Orlando: "Liv?"

Liv: *I stop and turn back.* "Yes?"

Orlando: *A worried look crosses my face.* "Is Elijah safe here?"

Liv: *I smile and approach Orlando. I bend over and rub his chest comfortingly.* "Of course, he is. Karl and I both will do nothing to harm him and everything to protect him." *I make sure and emphasize Karl's name for I know that is what he fears. Then I leave the room and shut the door behind me.* "Dominic, will you excuse us for a moment?"

Liv: *I pull Karl by the hands over to our alcove and draw the curtain behind us. Then I slip my arms around him and lay my head against his chest. I speak to him in thought.* "What do you think about all of this, love?"

Karl: *I thread my fingers through her hair and take a moment to ponder the question.* "I honestly don't know what to think yet. I guess only time will tell what is going to happen next. I feel no threat with Elijah. Matter of fact, all I can feel is pain, fear, loneliness, and maybe even a little bit of hope. My heart breaks for the kid. I can only imagine what he has been through getting here. I am quite sure he was careful. After all, he has noble blood coursing through his veins. Something special about that one and you can feel it as soon as he nears the room." *I pause a moment in my thoughtful rambling as a thought strikes me. I begin to absently stroke Liv's ear taking comfort in the repetitiveness of the motion.* "How did he get all the way to the door before I felt him? With his presence so strong I should have felt him a mile away. I wonder if it has anything to do with how he got here without being caught." *I make a slight clicking noise with my tongue as I mull the question over in my mind before deciding to file it away for contemplation later and get back to what I was saying.* "But anyway as I was saying I don't feel him as a threat personally. What are you thinking?"

Liv: *I pull back and look up into his eyes.* "It's all very curious to be sure. But as you say I'm sure only time will tell what is to happen next. He'll have to stay here, of course. The poor thing has nowhere else to go." *I smile mischievously and plant a lingering kiss on his neck.* "I shall have to redo the sleeping arrangements, of course. Elijah can take the couch. We can move Orlando out here into the alcove tomorrow. And we can move into bedroom, you and I, for a little..." *I kiss his chin.* "...privacy."

Karl: *Her lips on my skin sends a shiver down my spine and distracts me in a most inviting way. I moan almost inaudibly and swoop down to claim her mouth with my own holding her to me with the hand still firmly entwined in her hair. The kiss is as urgent and hungry as it is short and I pull back quickly leaving me slightly breathless. I then remember where I am..wait what did she say?* "He has to what? Live here? What are we running a boarding house?"
*I look at her with a faux sternness bordering too closely on amusement for it to be taken seriously.*</i> "You little vixen. You were trying to distract me."

Liv: *I chuckle. So he's onto me, huh?* "I was not ... not really. He has nowhere else to go, Karl." *I look up at him with an ever-so-slight pout and bite my bottom lip in a coy way. I begin to administer soft kisses all along his neck branching up into his jaw area. After my teeth playfully nibble his earlobe, I whisper.* "We can't just toss him out on the street. Please, baby. I promise I'll make it up to you. It's only until Orlando is well."

Karl: *My eyes drift closed as Liv's kisses set my nerves on fire. My mind is consumed and my mouth seems to work on it's own accord mumbling something or other.* "Huh? Oh. Yeah. Okay. Whatever you say, dear." *I tilt my head to give her searching mouth better access to the sensitive areas of my exposed neck.* "We should ...really...get. back. to. ..." *Another moan escapes my lips and I know I am losing it so I pull back slightly trying to remove myself away from the temptation.* "Dominic."

Dominic: *I am sitting at the table examining the nails of one hand while drumming the table with the other. I am really feeling out of place right about now. I wonder what is taking Liv and Karl so long. The answer that pops into my mind causes me to blush. The love birds are probably stealing a private moment. I am contemplating whether to get up and go or not.*

Karl: *I cock my head toward the kitchen and listen intently.* "I can hear him in there getting quite impatient." *I put on my most devilish smirk and straighten my clothes whispering into your mind then turning around and slipping out before you have a chance to react.* "We will continue this later my love" *I step out to find Dominic at the table and put on the best mellow air I can muster.* "Sorry for the wait Dominic. We didn't expect more company" *I smile cheekily at Dominic and take a seat back at the table*

Dominic: *I am just about to leave when I see Karl making his way back to the kitchen. He looks none the worse for wear and actually quite relaxed. Whatever he was doing seems to agree with him. I smile as he sits down.* "No worries, mate. You guys sure know how to throw dinner parties in this town, don't you?" </i>*I chuckle at the wonderful bizarreness of it all.*</i>

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