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LotR Fae

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enchanted_fae @ 02:26 am: Elijah/Billy

Elijah: *It is a few hours before sunrise. I have slept briefly. I feel a bit refreshed as fae do not require much sleep, but my heart is heavy and my body feels as weighted as a marble statue. I wear traveling clothes: trousers, loose shirt under a light overcoat, boots. There is a bag on the floor at my feet. It is a light bag that I can wear slung across my torso diagonally. In it there is a change of clothes plus several other little necessities. I've packed a small picture of my mother, a painting done years and years ago. And the cloak is lying on the bed before me. When one wears it, it makes you invisible. This is how my father and I escaped from the Isle of Faerie all those ages ago when the Dark Court invaded.* "I guess there's no more time to delay." *I speak to Billy in my mind. I look over at him and try to memorize his face.*

Billy: *A vague feeling of tension pulls me from my dreamless sleep. I open my eyes to a dim black and gray world. The heaviness in the air aids the feeling of suffocation. My eyes fall upon Elijah who seems to be standing in the middle of the room frozen by circumstance and hesitation. With sharp little teeth he is worrying his bottom lip as his gaze fixes on a faraway place. I grab the sheet from the bed and wrap it around me as I sit up slowly taking a moment to gather my wits for what I know will be what amounts to another fracture in the armor around my heart. Looking up I seek out Elijah's face in the dimness of the room my fae eyes adjusting to cut through the darkness.* "Are you prepared to set off now? It will be dawn soon. You should leave this place before then." *My voice soft even against the silence of the night catches almost imperceptibly and a tear rolls down my cheek at the implications of those words. Leave me is what it feels like I should be saying. My heart knows that I must let him go even if the sin of my soul begs to keep him here out of selfishness and pain.*

Elijah: "Yes." *I walk towards him slowly and talk to him in thought.* "If I don't leave now then I never will." *I sit on the edge of the bed. My hands grip the mattress as I bow my head. Tears begin to fall.*

Billy: *As Elijah sits down I notice the tears in his eyes. I automatically move over to take him in my arms tucking him into my embrace like I'm trying to shield him from every pain in life. Our bodies tremble together from the impact of emotion and we cling to each other as if adrift at sea. After a few seconds I answer him back by thought.* "I want to give you something that means a lot to me." *I reach into my pocket and take out a very old amulet that dangles from a shiny chain made out of silver blessed by fae magic. The amulet itself turns in the pale light of the moon and seems to soak up all the illumination in the room and refract it ten fold it's quantity. It is a disk of the same silver with engravings in ancient fae tongue of an incantation and prayer of protection. The script is wispy and lyrical in form the edges of the disk forming an octagon with runes decorating the perimeter of the etchings.* "This was given to me by my father and has been passed down for generations. It was crafted by fae artisans and It is for protection. It has served this family through many trials and tribulations my father gave it to me before he died. And I want you to have it." *I press the necklace into Elijah's hand and fold it up against his chest.*

Elijah: *I look down at the amulet in my hand then look into Billy's eyes. My first reaction is to refuse the gift for I know how much it means to him. But something in his eyes stops me and I accept the gift gratefully.* "Thank you, Billy. I'll treasure it always." *I stand now. I must leave. I turn to face him and lean over so that our mouths are inches apart. His tear stained face gazes back at me. I lift a hand and gently wipe away the trails of his tears.* "You have been my greatest joy." *My chin trembles and fresh tears fall now. Then I brush my lips against his tenderly.*

Billy: *The finality of the moment strikes me as an oppressive weight squeezes my chest. I blink back tears and press my lips harder against his closing my eyes I try to memorize every nuance of the moment from the velvety pressure of his lips to the way it feels as I trace his jaw and neck with my fingertips. I draw back slowly savoring this sense of nearness and step back to look into his eyes staring into those enchanting depths drinking in every sensation I can.* "I have always loved you, I always will. My heart goes with you but I wish only for you to find your happiness. This night has been the envy of every dream I could have conjured. It is indeed time to fly free, little one." *I lean forward to kiss your forehead moving on to ghost my lips over your eyelids finally pressing a lingering kiss to your temple. When I pull away there are tears once again in my eyes, but I have gained the resolve needed to let go even as my heart shatters.*

Elijah: *I stand upright now and fasten the amulet around my neck. I tuck it under my shirt. The cloak is still lying on the bed. I pick it up and gaze at it. It's a dark midnight blue. It's has a hood and a silver clasp around the neck. Just like my shirt and overcoat, there are two slots in the back to allow for wings. It looks like an ordinary cloak, nothing special.* "I just put it on and it renders me undetectable? They won't be able to sense me as I pass the borders?"

Billy: *I watch the pendant slip under Elijah's shirt and feel a lump of emotion form in my throat. At this rate, we will both be emotional wrecks. I worry about how I am going to carry on as if nothing happened after he leaves as I try to keep up the ruse of normalcy as long as I can. I can sense Elijah's trepidation none of which I can blame him for. I am just as nervous for him. I shake my head in resignation more lost in my own thoughts then is safe as I step forward to fondle the cloth myself.* "So the story goes. See this clasp here?" *I run my fingers over the intricately carved clasp the only distinguishing feature on the cloak.* "It is said that this cloak has been around since the first fae sprung from the earth. In that time the magic was much stronger, much more pure, before age and progression of man dimmed the world and it's wonders. They say that this was the first piece of silver mined from the earths bounty and it was revered as being the finest treasure of the fae. The pure unadulterated passion that was poured into the blessing of the silver is what makes it so strong. It was ordered carved by the most powerful of fae, one of the first that was brought forth into the world. It was then fashioned into a cloak and was given to his first son on the birthday that marked his assent into manhood. It has since passed from generation to generation. And it is now in your hands." *I take the cloak from your hands and open it gesturing for you to slip your arms into it.* "Don't worry. It won't work until you will it to, but I want to make sure you can control it before you go out there. Can you try for me?"

Elijah: *I follow his lead and slip into it. Billy helps me fasten the clasp and then lifts the blue hood over my head. I grab his hand probably with a bit more force then I meant to, but it's all so overwhelming. All I can feel is goodbye. Tears pour out my eyes now. I struggle to remain standing. I need to be strong. Billy believes in me. Billy has sacrificed his own well being to get me this cloak so that I might escape and be free. So that I might be happy, but can I be happy without him? Maybe not for a long time. Maybe someday... I place his hand upon my cheek and step forward into his arms. Pressing my body against his, I envelop myself in his warmth.*

Billy: *I simply hold Elijah's head against my shoulder feathering my fingers through his hair and whispering soothing noises into his ear. I need to calm him as much as he needs to be calmed. With all my focus on taking care of him I don't have to deal with my own emotions. I need my strength a little longer. After a few more minutes of supporting the sobbing beauty in my arms I lift his face towards mine trying to establish a point of contact between us, trying to ground Elijah with the focal point being my face so that I can know he is hearing what I am saying. I search his eyes for concentration and when I find a spark of alertness deep down inside I continue on.* "Elijah baby, you are going to have to allow the cloak to shroud you. Can you please do that for me so that I can be sure this is going to work?"

Elijah: *I nod and try to collect myself. I shake my shoulders and head briefly to clear my mind and then exert my power. I feel an energy coming from the cloak centered around the silver clasp in particular. I feel like it's working, but I look to Billy for confirmation.* "Can you feel me?"

Billy: *I am admiring the gorgeous and quite ethereal sight that the simple cloak makes wrapped around thin shoulders, the only parts of him visible a flash of alabaster skin and cerulean eyes, when he begins to shimmer before me. It is almost as if he is a specter as if this was all a dream and he only a seraphim in a phantasy. Soon he slips from view and in fact from all detection. I cannot hear a sound and it is as if the magic blocks all auditory signals as well. I can no longer even hear his breathing and if it wasn't for the pressure I can still feel against my arm I would panic.* "Elijah. Elijah, where are you? I can feel you touch me but I can't detect your presence. I can't even hear you."

Elijah: *I will the cloak to reveal me.* "Works pretty well. I had no idea. I had always wondered how my father and I managed to escape from the Dark Queen's invasion."

Billy: *I nod my head at Elijah's statement.* "Aye. It does work very well." *I pause for a moment and watch as he slips into thought.*

Elijah: *I suddenly remember my father, the king. I saw him this morning. He came to visit me in my chambers. His blue eyes looked pained. They always look pained when he looks at me.* "Billy, take care of my father. Reassure him. I do love him."

Billy: *Automatically I reach out and run a hand down the side of his face trying to soothe and comfort him.* "I will do what I can, my beautiful one. *A few silent seconds go by before I disturb the quiet once more.* "It is approaching time for you to leave. Do you have any last wishes or instructions? Anything else you need?" *I take a deep breath and cup Elijah's cheek, my thumb wiping away a tear.* "It will be okay, little one. I promise."

Elijah: "Just don't forget me."

Billy: "No matter how many miles you travel or how many years drift between us I could never forget you. This is not good-bye, there are no good-byes, it's just until we meet again." *A tear slowly makes it's way down my face which is by now a streaked and puffy mess amid the shadows of grief and torment.*

Elijah: *It's time. I cannot delay any longer. The sky grows lighter and lighter outside my window. I lean over and kiss him one more time, one last time. A soft, lingering kiss just my lips and his. When the kiss is over, I step back and look towards the door to my chambers. Then I look towards the window where I have sat every day wishing to be free. I will leave by window. I pick up my bag and unfasten the cloak long enough to sling the bag across my torso. I walk backwards away from Billy. Oh, my heart is breaking and it will never be whole again. I force myself to turn away from him. I force myself to step up onto the window seat and open the shutters. I force myself to step up onto the window frame. Then I cannot help but look back at him. He looks wrecked, emotionally and physically. Tears blur my eyes.* "Until we meet again..."

Billy: *I thought I was prepared for him to leave. I am not. I am not prepared and as he kisses me and begins to walk toward the door it feels like all the air rushes out of the room and it becomes a vacuum of nothing but liquid grief. The moment rushes in my ears as if a wind is roaring outside my head, but it is the storm inside my head that rages on. I am frozen to the spot as I feel everything inside me twist and contract my heart aches as if being squeezed in a vice. My brain is screaming, "No! Oh god no,"and at the last moment I manage to reach out my hand to him as if trying to hang on. I cannot stop the sob that escapes as I open my mouth to speak.* "I love you." *And it is this half sob half lamentation that is the last sound Elijah hears before he disappears from the ledge. I sink to my knees and wail into my hands letting the last of the sorrow flow out of me. The place will never be the same without him neither will I. And I am left empty.*

Elijah: *As I step out of the window, I change into my fae form and will the cloak to hide me all at the same time. My wings feel heavy as if I cannot fly right. I want to turn back so badly and fly back to Billy. I keep going. I've been flying in the general direction of my father's chambers without even meaning to. I do want to see him one last time before I leave even if he cannot see me. I come to the window to his private chambers. The curtains are open and I hover outside the glass and peer inside. Viggo, the king, sits in a chair by the fireplace. How very different we look. I take after my mother's family. I only inherited his eye color. My father looks pensive and he stares into the fire deep in thought. I wish he and I could understand each other, but we have always been at odds it seems. I kiss my hand and touch the windowpane.* "Goodbye." *I whisper this. Then I take off into the sunrise.*

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