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kings_advisor @ 03:18 am: Billy/Elijah

Billy: *I'm on my way to Lijah's chambers moving stealthily through the dark like some creature of the night. There is a bundle of cloth tucked under the waist of my pants and it's semi-ominous presence keeps me alert to the heaviness of the task at hand. I can see a light is still on in Elijah's room when I arrive and I knock lightly to alert him of my presence. When I hear a soft utterance of invitation, I swiftly open the door and slip in.* "Elijah, I have news of the utmost importance." *I wait until his attention is focused solely on me before resuming.* "It is time, my love. The moment of action draws near. I have managed to nick the cloak that will render you undetectable by other fae, but I don't know how long we have until it is noticed to be missing."

Elijah: *When Billy enters, my face lights up with a smile. When I see his grave expression and hear his news, my smile fades and is replaced by fear.* "Already? You have it?"

Billy: *I notice the look of fear on Elijah's face and I can feel the disturbance rustle through the air. I want to go to him, hold him close, and tell him everything will be all right. But I'm not sure it's appropriate. My role is to get him out of here, to be his strength, and to protect him. He cannot know how much this is killing me. My voice remains steady even around the lump in my throat. I hope that my eyes do not betray me now.* "Yes, I have it. I had the opportunity today and I had to take it. Orlando phoned in his location and it couldn't wait much longer. We have to get you out of here. Are you prepared to leave?"

Elijah: *I'm stunned. I knew it would happen soon, but I had no idea that it would all come together so quickly. I look down at the books that lie open before me. I've been studying anything I could find on the mortal world, specifically America, because that was Orlando's last known position. All that I've read so far has only made me feel smaller and more unprepared for what I must do. I'm not ready to leave yet.* "Billy, I ..." *I begin speaking vocally then switch to telepathy for who knows who may be listening.* "Billy, I don't know if I'm ready. I'm frightened."

Billy: *I am slightly surprised when Elijah stops talking abruptly and begins to communicate with me non-vocally. However I realize he is just being extra careful. Smart boy, and he's right, we should take precautions. My reverie is broken by the look of anguish on his face. This must be so scary for him. When I answer him it is as a soothing whisper in his mind.* "I know you're afraid. I wish I could soothe all your fears away. But the sweetest things in life are frightening. There is no gain without the possibility of failure. This is something you have to do."

Elijah: *I stand and look about me. My goodness, what do you take when you're leaving your life behind? My eyes fall back on Billy. He's the only thing I want to take with me and yet he's the one thing I can't. I take a few steps towards him. It's possible that I might never see him again. He's the person that I've always felt closest to. My eyes flood with tears. I must leave him forever. I must leave him tonight. I wanted this so much, to leave, to be free, but now as I gaze at him all I want is to remain here in his arms. If this is to be the end, can't I? Would he stop me? Would he push me away? Would I care? I bridge the gap between us and breathe in his scent. Like freshly cut grass and green herbs. I take his hand and raise it to my lips. Gently I kiss his fingers never breaking my eyes away from his.*

Billy: *I can see him looking around him like a man lost and a swell of emotion rolls through my mind. I don't want him to leave. There is a part of me that is oh so selfishly screaming out for him to stay here with me. Not to leave me here to be taken by boredom and monotony. He has been one of the only pleasures in my world, the beautiful bright spark of life that keeps the shadows at bay. But then he is in motion and before I have a chance to totally break apart his lips are pressed against my skin. His eyes trained on me expressing in one soulful look what poets have spent millennia trying to explain. It breaks down all my walls and I come undone. My eyes close and a tear slips out beneath my lashes. I register a noise that is somewhere between a sob and a cry and I am dimly aware it came from me. I force my eyes open and look at Elijah, my heart breaking into a million pieces and reach my hand out to trace the side of his face. My fingers burn from the contact, a sensation I long to experience again.*

Elijah: *I've never seen Billy break down before. It shakes me to my core. Any thought of propriety flies out the window. If this is to be our goodbye then I will say goodbye with all of my heart and soul. I lean forward and kiss his neck. My hand weave themselves into his hair and I only pull away to stare into his brilliant green eyes for one fiery moment. Then my mouth is covering his, my hands pulling him in deeper, my mouth opening and my tongue slipping it's way into his mouth. He is mine for this moment and I will enjoy him fully.*

Billy: * It is in his gaze that I find my salvation and I know that he shares my pain. If there is nothing beyond this night then it is his lips I want upon mine and his passion to consume my soul. I can see the moment when every barrier between him and I snap and it no longer matters that our love is forbidden or that so many think it shouldn't be. His lips are soft like every dream I've had in the dark, searing my flesh like a brand. I wrap my fingers around the back of his neck rubbing over the soft hair there desperately trying to hold onto the moment, hold on to him, hold on to my sanity as it quickly slips away. We are living for the moment and the moment sets us free. When clever fingers twine themselves in my hair I know I am lost and allow myself to drown in his touch but I am not prepared for the fierce jolt of electricity that his lips on mine create and I melt into the embrace. Our exploration of mouths and tongues start off languidly but as the pent up longing and urgency builds the ministrations become bolder and more aggressive. I pull him towards me, our bodies lining up flush to the other, and I give myself over to him completely.*

Elijah: *Kissing him is a dream come true. It's making me feel intoxicated. My whole body feels weak in his arms. I don't think I can continue to stand much longer. I pull away from Billy. I step back and pull him by the hand over to my bed. There is a question in my eyes. I slip my hands around his waist and they wander of their own accord. My mouth finds his again and we kiss passionately for a moment. I pull away and murmur into his ear.* "I need to lie down, Billy. I'm feeling so weak." *I do not ask the question out loud, but it hangs in the air between us. How far are we going to take this? Can we quell ages of pent up desire? I turn from him and climb into my bed. I lie back with my head resting on the pillow. My eyes close. What if he says no? What if he rejects me? I wait for his response.*

Billy: *I wonder briefly if this gorgeous creature has any idea the obscene things his desire causes my mind to conjure. His very skin shimmers with sexual energy as a seduction is being played out before my eyes in body language and sensuous skill. His hands map out the contours of my body bringing my self control to it's knees. I try to cover every inch of his skin with mine urgently trying to merge our passions taking from this moment every drop of pleasure it has to offer. I want him to make me forget, forget my name, forget this place and live only in his kiss. And when he offers me that which I have craved there is no question in my mind the answer.* "Yes." *I whisper and then I whisper it again as if that one word could save me.* "Yes." *He is beautiful, milky soft, and not quite in focus like a vision of every fantasy the gods could have dreamed of. And as I lower myself to the bed my lips taking in his flesh I know that it is right. I whisper two words before taking his mouth once again possessing it like it was the air in which I breathe.* "You are so beautiful as to cause the stars to take up residence in your eyes. Do not ever forget how special you are to me. The pleasure you bring me now could sustain me a thousand lifetimes of man. Love me tonight."

Elijah: *Here I take him. Here I pleasure him as we writhe beneath the damned ceiling mural that depicts the day my father was crowned king. And he pleasures me in every way possible. Urgently, desperately, inexorably until we are both bruised and battered by the force with which we sate our desire. I've never made love with anyone before although I've imagined it many times. I'm deliriously happy that Billy is my first. Now as I lie on my stomach, with one arm draped over his chest, the melancholy returns. I have to leave him tonight. A lone, silent tear escapes and rolls down my cheek eventually soaking into the cloth of the pillow beneath me.* "How can I leave you?"

Billy:*I can feel Elijah's pain beside me as if it were a physical force combining with mine to hang heavy in the air. We are entangled together and this feels so right and yet he has to leave me. When I hear his beautiful little voice say those words to me I break and the tears come. But I hide them well and pull him close to me burying my face in his hair.* "You must go. I am no use to you here. It is time to fly away free and leave all your baggage behind. I'll help you. I'll take this burden from you as long as I can." *I pull away and kiss his temple wrapping my arms tight around him as if it were the last bit of warmth I might ever feel. I squeeze until I am afraid I might hurt him and then I hold on tight. I'm afraid to let go but I know I will have to. I have to be strong just a little longer for him.*

Elijah: *I know I should get up and begin preparations to leave, but all I can do is lie there and breathe. My heart is breaking. I feel fragile as if I am made of glass. I can break so easily. I lift my head and look into his brilliant green eyes.* "One more time, Billy. Just take me one more time."

Billy: *The intensity in which he looks at me scares me beyond comprehension. He looks so small and broken. All I want to do is hold him and make everything okay, but I can't deny him. I never could. And I can't deny myself. This is it, this is good-bye, and I want it to be such a good-bye as to be fit for remembrance when the nights are lonely and my soul calls out for him. I bit my lip and focus my gaze into the depths of the most beautiful eyes the world has ever known.* "I want to make this beautiful for you. Are you sure it's what you want?" *I can feel a tear start to fall down my face yet I do not flinch away from his gaze. I want him to know the emotion I am feeling for him. I want him to know that everything inside me is raw and aching for him and I don't think that in my lifetime or the lifetime of those that came before me could anyone have felt more pain.*

Elijah: *I touch his face, trailing fingers softly along his jaw. A tear falls from my eye.* "Yes. I need this, Billy. I need you to take me." *I kiss his lips softly and then roll over onto my stomach. My body is already exhausted, but I crave him. I need him.*

Billy: *I gaze down at him pliant and trusting beneath me and I know that what I am about to do goes beyond physical, it goes beyond mental, it even transcends spiritual to a plane of being that melds our very souls. I place my hands on his shoulders and begin to stroke and knead him trying to bring him into a state of complete relaxation. I anoint his body with butterfly light kisses as I move on to each area slowly making my way down his back. I lean my head down to kiss between his shoulder blades and I whisper into his ear.* "Always remember I love you and have always loved you. This is not out of lust that I do this, because I cherish you. Know that I will never regret this." *When I feel that he has relaxed completely, I pause long enough to shift my position so that I can prepare him while still petting and stroking his body with soothing motions. I murmur soft words of love and comfort as I do watching his every reaction for any signs that I am going too fast.*

Elijah: *I try to put all thoughts of leaving out of my mind and lose myself in the delicious rhythm. I can't banish the thoughts altogether though and I begin to cry. I'm afraid that Billy will mistake my tears for discomfort so I slowly shift onto my knees and rise up against him so that my back is pressing against his chest. One hand reaches around and my fingers intertwine in his hair. His kisses the back of my neck, my spine. My other hand is in his, our fingers laced together. I whisper to him.* "I love you."

Billy: *I know Elijah is crying and it tears me up inside tying my stomach into knots. When he indicates to me he is ready I take a deep breath and with our hands intertwined I slowly enter him pausing for a few moments to let him adjust before very gently resuming motion. I lie my head down on his back and cover as much as his body with mine as I can taking my time letting the intimacy be the main focus. As the friction builds up the combination of overwhelming pleasure and emotions washes over me and I begin to quietly weep into Elijah's back letting my tears fall and intermingle with our sweat on his skin. I whisper many words that have only lived in my heart for so long as the tears fall and it is with a sob and a shudder that I find my release within the sacred space of his body. For many long moments I don't move instead holding Elijah by the waist and taking in the feelings trying to memorize his scent and the feel of him. I can't stop the tears so I let them fall finally disengaging myself from him kissing his moist skin and tracing the contours of his body with my hands. I roll him onto his side and use myself to cover him pressing kisses onto the back of his neck and rubbing my thumb down the ridge of his eyebrow and over his temple in a repetitive pattern.

Elijah: *I'm utterly spent, emotionally and physically. I lie there and I feel sleep wanting to claim me.* "I'm so tired, Billy."

Billy: "Then sleep, my lovely prince. Take rest. I'll be here when you awake." *As I feel Elijah's body slip into a state of blissfully calm sleep I slowly crawl off the bed to begin getting the necessary things together for his departure. It isn't until I have been going at it for over an hour that I realize there are soft sobs coming from between my lips and rivers of tears are free falling from my eyes. I throw all of my pain into what I am doing soldiering on until all is done. Only then do I slip back into bed behind Elijah and whisper into his hair so as not to wake him professing my love for him over and over again until the tears run out and I am exhausted and empty inside. Yet sleep does not claim me and end the torture. Instead I lie there and hold him in my arms for the last time.*

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