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darkfae_karl @ 07:02 am: Karl/Miranda/Dominic
Takes place directly after this.

Miranda: *I wake slowly to the sunlight pouring in my bedroom windows. I roll over and look at my digital clock. 10:00 in the morning. I roll over and bury myself under the covers. Not much of a point in getting up really. Then I remember Dom is here and I said we'd spend the day together. Fine. I fling the covers back and rise. I'm half asleep as I shower and wash. I brush my hair briskly and tie it up in a makeshift bun. I slip on a white terrycloth robe. In the mirror, I examine myself. My eyes look a bit puffy. I guess from all the crying I've been doing lately. I've been so damn depressed and next to nothing can bring me out of it. The only peace of mind I've gotten in the past few days is when I spend time with Dom. He's so cool. He and I get along really well. I don't know what I'd be like right now without him here. Coffee. I need coffee. Leaving my bedroom, I cross the living room and make my way into the kitchen. Dom is loitering there still in his pajama bottoms eating a bowl of cereal. I manage a small smile.* "Good morning. Sleep well?"

Dom: *I glance up when Miranda walks in, a smile beginning to appear on my face, but when I see her the half formed expression freezes reversing it's path to take on a look of concern instead. I stop mid-chew and give her an assessing look. Like I wouldn't notice.* "You look awful, mate. Bad night?" *I go back to eating my breakfast all nonchalant like. The more casual the conversation, the more likely she is to open up. No point in letting her know how much I want to know what the hell is going on.*

Miranda: *I begin to brew some coffee.* "They're all bad nights nowadays, it seems."

Dom: *I turn around to the sink to wash and put away my bowl taking a second to process the situation in my head before deciding the best plan of attack. When I turn back around, Miranda is avoiding my gaze and hovering over the coffee pot apparently willing it to brew faster.* "Oh really? Do you have a sleep condition? �Cause you know I'm an insomniac and my old doctor recommended a sleep clinic in the area before I left. I could set up an appointment for you."

Miranda: *I'm touched by his concern. A ghost of a smile touches my lips, but it soon fades. How do I explain the whole situation with Liv to him? There are too many details and it hurts me to think about it. It hurts me to remember how I acted the other night.* "No, I've just ... been distracted lately."

Dom: *My face contorts into a slightly devious smile while Miranda looks down at her feet. Of course she would make this a challenge. We do share the same stubborn genes after all.* "Well, you know I'm the best listener in the world, right? You can talk to me about it or leave me to my own conclusions. And I have a very vivid imagination I'll have you know. Don't underestimate me, sis. I'm far more perceptive then you know."

Miranda: *This time I do smile. He's so good at cheering me up. I lean on the counter top, propping myself up on my elbows. Where to begin?* "Well, I'm afraid I alienated my best friend. I don't know why I acted the way I did at dinner the other night. It's just such a long complicated story."

Dom: *Ah, now we're getting somewhere. I lean back against the counter crossing my legs in front of me and settle in to a comfortable position.* "Then it's a good thing we have all morning. You have all my attention, my dear." *I pause for dramatic effect. I'm such a drama queen sometimes.* "Now why don't you begin by telling me what the hell it was that was going on that night. The mystery has been killing me ever since." *I flash you a cheeky grin trying to infuse some sense of comfort into the situation, but take on a serious tone again not wanting you to think I am taking anything lightly.*

Miranda: *I feel rather uncomfortable talking about this. I begin to fidget, examining my nails, rubbing my neck.* "I don't even know where to begin. I guess it all began when Peter left me. I was destroyed, Dom. I ... I tried to ..." *My eyes begin to burn with tears. I slide the cuffs to my bathrobe up and reveal to him my wrists. The scars are still painfully obvious.* "I'm just a sick bitch."

Dom: *When Miranda reveals the now white scars crisscrossing her wrists, a pang of remorse, guilt maybe, stabs into my chest. I should have been there. I should have been around when Miranda needed someone most. And then anger surges through me anger meant for Peter and for the situations that brought her to this place.* "Miranda, I didn't know." *I choke back a wave of sadness. My emotions try to overtake me, but not succumbing to the temptation I switch into a roll. Not acting at all, but taking care of business. Miranda has enough emotions for both of us. I need to be the strong one here. I push off the counter and stride the few steps across the kitchen reaching Miranda and grabbing her arm just below her wrist.* "Miranda, this does not make you a sick bitch." *I hold up your wrist still being clutched in my hand for emphasis.* "It makes you human. It makes you damaged but not broken. But it makes you above all else in need of support. So why is it you alienated your best friend when you need her so badly. What does this have to do with Peter?"

Miranda: *I can't stop the tears from coming now.* "Because it was Liv that helped me get back on my feet. She began working at the gallery shortly after this happened. She was wonderful, beautiful, graceful... Everything that I'm not."

Dom: *I pull you by your wrist into the living room sitting us both down on the couch and reach my hand up to cup your cheek. I gaze into the eyes before me that glitter with bitter tears.* "But sweetheart, that only poses more questions. If she was the one that helped you through this then why the resentment? Surely you don't think that she is better then you. You are both unique and special in your own way."

Miranda: "You just wouldn't understand. I found out something about her. This changes everything. Anyway, Liv has Karl now. She doesn't need me. Isn't that the way it goes?"

Dom: *I drop my hand from your face and lean back into the couch a bit regarding you silently for a second. �Here goes nothing' I think to myself before launching into all new territory.* "Oh, you mean the whole faerie thing? Yeah, you're right. I probably wouldn't understand." *I pause for a beat and give you a look that clearly states the gig is up.* "And what in the bloody 'ell makes you think that Liv doesn't need you? Did you happen to notice the anguish she was going through? Her reactions were pure and no one bares that kind of pain for someone they don't care very deeply for."

Miranda: *My mouth drops open when when he mentions the word faerie. So he did overhear Liv and I arguing the other night. But from his casual manner, I don't think he realizes the overwhelming truth of it all.* "Eavesdrop much, little brother? Listen. I don't think you understand. What do you think of when you hear the word faerie? A pixie? An elf? A little garden gnome? They're creatures of legend. They're supposed to be a myth. I saw her, Dominic. I saw her fly. She had these huge insect-like wings protruding from her back. They're not human. They're immortal. Creatures like this shouldn't exist."

Dom: *I listen to Miranda's entire spiel with nought but a raised eyebrow at the eavesdropping quip.* "Giant insect wings huh? That is kind of ... interesting to picture. But answer me this Miranda; who are you to judge whether a being has the right to be or not? What makes her less entitled to be a part of this world then you? Matter of fact I would hazard a guess that they were here long before humans. And even more importantly why does she not deserve to have loyal mortal friends as well as immortal? I've seen Liv and Karl and I know they are far from yard gnomes or teeth thieves with magic wands, but I digress. Once again I ask you not to underestimate me." *I shift a little in the couch trying to get comfortable and resume my train of thought.* "The point of life is living it while it lasts. And the fastest way to waste it is ignoring something good because it doesn't make sense."

Miranda: *I don't answer him. I fiddle with my hair, pulling it out of the bun and tousling it with my fingers. I just can't. I just can't think of this now. I can't explain to Dom how I feel about Liv. When there is a loud knock at the door, I am relieved. Saved by the bell. It's probably Dad. He's early though. I jump up and go to answer it.*

Dom: *I can see I've hit on some kind of truth when Miranda starts to fidget and won't meet my gaze. But suddenly we're disturbed by a knock at the door. God damn it. I was just getting somewhere. I am annoyed a bit when Miranda jumps up and rushes towards the door. But when the threshold reveals Karl I can feel the tension in the room amp up a notch. Oh great, this should be fun I think to myself dryly. Guess I better get up in case I have to throw myself in between them. Not relishing that thought at all. With a roll of my eyes I walk toward the door where Miranda is standing half blocking the doorway.*

Karl: *I arrive at Miranda's not knowing what to expect. I'm going to try and be civil in the vain hope that I can get in, out, and back to Liv. When I reach her door I knock loudly hoping to get a prompt answer but not expecting the door to fly open with Miranda looking like she got saved from a death sentence on the other side. However the expression that quickly settles on her face is not at all unexpected. Wow is that actually fear, disgust, surprise, a mixture of all three? All I know is that it isn't exactly welcoming.* "I've come to get the tonic I left here. Liv needs it for Orlando."

Miranda: *I'm so surprised to see Karl standing there that I'm not sure how to react. A slow flush creeps up my throat. I wish I were anywhere but face to face with him. Seeing his face looking oh so annoyed with me is enough to plunge me into a sea of guilt. What must he think of me? I turn and leave and walk into the kitchen. The cobalt blue glass bottle has been sitting on my kitchen counter ominously for days, a reminder of everything I've screwed up. I pick it up and bring it out to him.* "Here. It's probably best that you take it and leave." *I try to look indifferent, but I'm sure I'm failing miserably. I cannot look into his eyes. His intense brown eyes bore holes through my soul. Lucky bastard. Does he realize how lucky he is to have her?*

Karl: *I'm left at the door in some sort of stunned daze. I wonder if she realizes she is throwing off emotion like a psychic wave. Needs to work on that. I can feel it as if her suffering was my own. How typical is it that I have two women that love each other but are receiving nothing but pain from the other. I'm still upset at Miranda, but I feel bad for her also. I can't leave it this way. When Miranda returns and hands me the bottle I don't budge from my place just inside the door.* "And just why do you think that's best, Miranda?" *Where the hell that come from? Oh well I suppose I must know where I'm going with this right?*

Miranda: *Ah, this stubborn jackass. Can't he see that I'm at a breaking point? I bite my bottom lip and twirl a strand of her around one finger.* "I just can't deal with this right now." *To my humiliation, my voice cracks with emotion and my eyes flood with tears. Oh hell. I'm such a fucking mess lately.*

Karl: *Ahh great tears, just what I needed to deal with. I shouldn't care but I know she means so much to Liv and I can't bare to see this silliness go on. I can see Dominic approaching and seize the opportunity to wheedle my way in.* "Hey Dominic how's it going. I'm sorry I had to leave the other night without saying goodbye." *I look down at Miranda long enough to scoot by her.* "Excuse me" *I toss the request over my shoulder as I move past Miranda. Once past that barrier I walk up to Dominic hoping he doesn't hate me for the spectacle. He must know something's up. But maybe we can work together. I need another man on my side which is basically in the middle. I decide to test the waters with the ultimate indicator by stepping up and offering my hand.*

Dom: *I wonder what the purpose is of this show that Karl is performing. I doubt I'll have to wait long for the answer things are at a boiling point now.* "Oh no worries mate. How's it going?" *I take Karl's proffered hand in a firm handshake still slightly hesitant in my confusion.*

Karl: *I'm relieved to see that Dominic not only seems not to be upset with me but also quite perceptive and observant. This is looking good so far.* Good good we've got a sick patient on our hands at home and I just came by to pick something up for him I left here. How's it going with you? *I am purposely ignoring Miranda's tears in some kind of sadomasochistic plan of making her angry enough at me to actually get to the core of this issue.*

Miranda: *I give Dominic a "you-had-better-get-rid-of-him" look over Karl's shoulder.* "Yes, and how is Orlando? If he's so sick then perhaps you should get this tonic to him right away. Don't you think?"

Dom: *I see the look Miranda is shooting me over Karl's shoulder and repress a snicker. I try to convey my confusion to Karl through my eyes and subconsciously ask him to tell me what's going on.*

Karl: *I see Dominic's eyes flicker behind me as Miranda speaks and I know she is glaring daggers at my back. But I'm not backing down not yet.* "Orlando can wait. I wanted to catch up with Dominic for a second. With as much shit as Liv has had to deal with lately I don't want to leave her long, but a few minutes won't hurt." *I'm beginning to formulate a plan when something totally unexpected happens and I'm set back a few paces. A thought quite forceful in nature is thrown at me from Dominic's mind. I've never in all my years among mortals had one communicate with me in this way. I don't even think he knows he did it. There is something different about this one and I take a chance and roll with it.* "I heard your question Dominic. Please don't be afraid but I think I can communicate with you this way and I want to try. I know this seems weird to you right now but trust me it's ok. I'm desperately trying to fix this thing between Miranda and Liv and I need your help."

Dom: *I'm startled when a thought invades my mind and frankly it scares the hell out of me. But when I recognize it as Karl I relax a little and try to compose my features back into something that resembles calm. This is so bizarre. How the hell did he hear me? Can he read my mind? He says he wants to help and I believe him.* "But how." </i>*I'm not even sure it worked but I tried to throw the question at him as well as a mortal mind can.*</i>

Karl: *I'm pleased and still a little surprised when Dominic's answer comes not quite as strong as before but still definite and clear in my mind.* "I'm going to have to provoke it out of her. Just don't freak out on me, okay. This might be a bit rough but it seems I only get the truth when she is angry beyond the capability of hiding anything."

Dom: *It's a whole minute before I realize Karl and I have stopped talking and are just standing there looking at each other. That must look odd. I hurry to answer Karl's question breaking the silence.* "Oh, I'm doing well, thank you. Been taking a few days to get acclimated, settled in, and visit with everyone before going out to job hunt." *I make a decision to trust this mysterious being.* </b>"Okay."</b>

Miranda: *I don't bother trying to hide my annoyance as I shut the front door. Obviously he's not leaving anytime soon.* "Well, so glad everyone's getting acquainted." *I go back into the kitchen and pour myself a cup of coffee. When I return, I look at Karl. A question burns in my mind, but do I have the courage to ask it?* "How is Liv?"

Karl: *I'm still wordlessly facing Dominic when Miranda speaks from somewhere behind me. I shake myself mentally wondering how long I was standing there staring and trying to feel him out psychically. He is so intriguing that one but I have other things to take care of before exploring it fully. I turn to address Miranda. I can tell it was not easy on her to ask so I keep all anger out of my voice when I answer instead opting for direct and precise.* "Not so well actually. In the last week she has found out her mother betrayed her, lied to her, and used her. She realized a devastating secret about herself too late. She has had to fight and hurt another and is now having to take care of him. She has had her world shatter around her, her walls torn down, her weaknesses revealed, and then she lost her best friend in the process. So all in all it's been a really bad fucking week."

Miranda: *It all seems so overwhelming when he lays it out like that. And I just made things harder for her. The guilt sinks deeper and it's dragging me under.* "She's better off with me." *I go over to the couch and lay down, curling up into a ball.*

Karl: *It's hard for me to feel sorry for her after all the pain she has caused Liv and the totally unfair way that she treated her. Miranda's self pity only serves to make my anger flare. However I sense Miranda is sick and is about to hit rock bottom. I sit down on the floor indian style in front of the couch almost nose to nose with Miranda.* "I think you owe her at least the opportunity to make that decision for herself. You act like Liv rejected you but it was you who rejected her. Give me a good reason why I should let this go and allow you both to hurt. I want a explanation to why it should make sense at all. Why are you doing this, Miranda?"
Dom: *I can see this is going to be a very intense interaction and step to the side to keep an eye on the situation but stay out of the way.*

Miranda: * I bury my face in the couch.* "Leave me the fuck alone. She doesn't need me. She has you now."

Karl: *I'm tired of the bullshit and drop the self restraint allowing my emotions to register in my voice.* "What the hell makes you think a person only needs one presence in their life? Why don't you tell me what this is really about?"

Miranda: *He's annoying the crap out of me. Tears burn my eyes.* "Are you asking me to make sense of all this? Even I don't know." *I turn over on the couch so that my back is to him.* "Just go away."

Karl: "Yes actually I am. And I expect an answer before I leave this place so unless you fancy having two house guests for a while I suggest you tell me what the fuck is going through your head."

Miranda: *I can't believe how dense this guy is. Any idiot would have guessed the truth by now. I sit up and turn to him.* "Can't you tell, Karl? Aren't faeries supposed to have special powers? Can't you look into my eyes and tell what I feel for Liv? If you knew, then you'd understand why I'm so upset."

Karl: *"Calm, Karl, stay calm" slowly becomes a mantra in my head.*"Yes we twitch our noses and things levitate. Special fucking powers indeed. I don't know where your notions of what faeries are come from but you know nothing of us, okay. Yes, of course, I fucking know what you feel for Liv and trust me I see so many layers to this that it makes my head spin. But the question is how can you possibly claim to love her and still hurt her so? In the immortal words; "what's love got to do with it"? That obviously isn't the answer to this riddle."

Miranda: "Listen, you annoying little shit! She's everything to me!" *I stand and stalk towards my bedroom. Then I whirl around to face him again.* "You know what? Camp out here for all you want. See if I give a shit! Because if you're here then that means that you can't be there with her! Which is where I want to be. Do you understand now? I've lost her to you! And the most painful thing of all, is that she was never mine to begin with." *I walk into my bedroom and lock the door behind me. I put my Tori Amos CD on full blast and fling myself on my bed in a torrent of tears.*

Karl: *I pull myself up off the floor and turn to Dominic.* "She always like this or is it just my charming personality?"

Dominic: "Hey, listen man, I know you've been flung into the middle here and you have your own girl to protect but remember she is fragile underneath all that swearing and tantrum throwing."

Karl: "I know. I'm doing my best here but I'm not quite used to dealing with overemotional women. Just trust me a little longer." *I turn towards Miranda's bedroom and crank out a thought strong enough that she can't block it out even with music playing.* "Fine you want to run go right ahead but I can run faster. I will have my say damn you. You say you lost her to me? You didn't fucking lose her. You threw her away! Why does it have to be all or nothing with you?"

Miranda: *His voice in my mind is an unwelcome intruder. By instinct, I respond to him.* "I don't know, Karl. I don't know why I am the way I am. It just hurts so bad to think of her loving someone else. I just need time to grieve. I need time to let go." *I lose myself in the music playing.*

Karl: *I can feel Miranda going away, going somewhere inside herself, and decide any more pushing might make things worse. I turn to speak to Dominic again.* "Thanks for sticking this out. I know it was hard. I need you to stay here and keep an eye on her. Don't let her alone and use that intuition of yours to the best of your ability. I'm going to have Liv call Harry. She and him have an understanding after that whole Orlando thing and I think she can talk him into getting Miranda some medication to calm her down. You mortals keep far too many secrets from each other. You're aversion to communication is still something I don't understand. Anyway, I've got to get back to Liv before she starts to worry. And thanks again for trusting me. I can use all the help I can get right now." *As I turn to go I realize how much information Dominic knows that I never told him. I wonder how much he does know and how he knows it. I feel like he has a gift that is not like any immortal or mortal I've met. When you talk to him you get the feeling he understands the unsaid and we work well together. I'm glad he's around I think I'm going to need him in the times to come.*

Dominic: </i> *After Karl leaves, I turn to face the apartment and pick up the pieces. The sound of soft melancholy lyrics fills the air as I go about my daily routine waiting for Miranda to emerge. I'm not even sure myself how all of this feels natural to me. I know I should be freaking out, I should be surprised at all I've experienced in the last few days but it just doesn't faze me. I feel a kinship with this Karl fellow. I can't explain it but it feels like we are partners in this both trying to work from opposite ends towards a same goal. I like him and I trust him I'm just not sure how much of this Miranda can take before she breaks apart. I sigh to myself and plop down on the couch idly picking up the remote and flicking the on button. The afternoon is spent channel surfing trying to keep myself busy.*</i>

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